Unwrapped: A Guide to Present Wrapping


Youngjoo Ahn and Kelly Cheng, Staff Writers

Step 1

Cut out some of your favorite wrapping paper and place your object in the center whether it be the limited edition signed copy of One Direction’s new album, a lava lamp, or your mean neighbor’s cat.


Step 2

With the flip of a coin, choose whether you want to start by folding the left or right side of your wrapping paper. This might just be the most important decision of your entire life. It defines you so choose wisely. Once you’ve chosen which side you want to start with, fold it over the top of your present.


Step 3

While holding down the first side, fold the other side of the wrapping paper the same way. Make sure you are still holding down the first side while folding the other side. Once both sides are folded, tape them together.


Step 4

Once you’ve folded the top, you need to fold the edges. Fold the left and right corners of one side inwards so that the remaining wrapping paper will form a triangle. Then put your trusty Scotch tape to work. Tape the triangle you just made to the surface of the box. Do the same for the other side. If life gives you bad tape, we recommend throwing it at the same neighbor you took the cat from.


Step 5

After the blood, sweat, and tears that came from strangling your wrapping paper into place, stick an abnormally large ribbon on top of it. Make sure to Instagram it before giving it to one of your most precious friends. Write a thought provoking card too.


Step 6

If all else fails, use a gift bag. We won’t judge.