Super Bowl Ads


Claire Marvin, Staff Writer

Although this year’s Super Bowl didn’t have the desired outcome for Bay Area 49ers fans, at least it was an exciting one to watch. So exciting in fact, that the game even out-shadowed the much anticipated Super Bowl ads. Going for about $3.8 million per 30-second slot, these commercials were all the talk leading up to the big game. However, only some scored big and lived up to their hype, while others fumbled and fell flat of greatness.

Some of my personal favorites included the Budweiser “Horse Story,” Audi “Prom,” Axe “Astronaut,” Oreo “Whisper Fight,” and the Doritos “Goat for Sale” ads. Yet, some ads, like the Mercedes-Benz “Deal with the Devil” (featuring Usher and supermodel Kate Upton), Go Daddy “Perfect Match” (with supermodel Bar Refaeli), and Got Milk (with Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson) failed to fill the shoes of their giant celebrity endorsers.

Check out all the Super Bowl commercials here, and decide for yourself which ones deserve hall-of-fame status.