Golden Doodles of Orinda 94563

Natalie Vigo, Staff Writer

If you have a golden doodle, you are automatically viewed by the world as a superior human being. This elite team of dog owners makes up a huge chunk of our community’s pet owning society. Half poodle, half golden retriever, most of these majestic beauties are, in fact, siblings. Familiarize yourself with the doodle family; they’re the celebs in our small town. Meet the Golden Doodles of Orinda:


Drew – “The Man in a Dog Suit”

Weighing in at a whopping 102 pounds, you are most likely to find this friendly giant stubbornly rejecting junior Claire Marvin’s desire to make it around the Lafayette Reservoir without him lying down. Drew was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, making him not want to eat. He was prescribed steroids and now will eat anything in sight.


Bear – “Mr. Bear”

Sophomore Connor Jackson’s dog, Bear, is definitely a favorite among Miramonte students. Lovable, fat and happy, Bear appears to be just your ordinary dog. Well he is. But there’s something special about him… (Bear is open to any friend requests on Facebook.)


Lucy – “Lulu”

Sophomore Hayley Reardon’s dog, Lucy, spends her days eating without much exercise. Although Reardon continually tries to play fetch with her fluffy friend, the only time you can see Lucy running is when there is food involved. Fun fact: Lucy lost all her hair and it grew back more ginger than ever.


Angel – “Kiki”

Meet Angel, a loving member of junior Emma Barr’s family. This pampered pooch enjoys her $80 haircuts every three weeks. By getting carried everywhere, cuddling, and hitting a bell when she needs to go to the bathroom or wants water, this pup truly lives the princess lifestyle.


Jenny Penny – “JP”

This sassy six year old was the first of the red haired doodles in Orinda. Junior Julia Nishioki likes to refer to the other doodles residents as Jenny’s “half siblings.” You can find this canine riding shotgun in mother Sheila Nishioki’s car.



Cheese lovin’ and cat fearin’, Hallie, unlike many of her other Orinda siblings, is addicted to going on walks. Abnormally energetic, personalized victims claim she cannot be left alone…or she will find you. When junior Hazel Catron finds herself with no friends and no cats present, she can always count on Hallie for some company.



You can only find this dog in the living room of sophomore Scott Guidotti’s house. Koda is known for stealing food from the counter and is always down for a bro-sesh with the boys. Koda is somewhat of an outcast because he is not related to any of the other Orindian doodles.



You may hear junior Abby Brzezinski complaining about how she has to walk her dog, Collin, after school. But it’s obvious that she secretly loves taking her noble steed to doggie play dates with his BFF, Max. Collin will greet anyone that comes to the Brzezinski household with a shrill yelp and slobbery lick.