Come With Me to Narnia


Youngjoo Ahn, Staff Writer

Prom is one of the most important social events of the year.  It can also be one of the most stressful times as well. Not only is it hard to ask someone to go to prom, it’s that much harder to come up with a cute way to ask. In an age where it seems like every good idea is already taken, it’s hard to make a good impression in a creative way. Fear not, here are some inspirations.



All you need to impress your potential date are some candles and their driveway. Junior Chris Tennant asked fellow junior Emily Fuhriman by spelling out “prom” with candles on her driveway on Valentine’s Day. Tennant distracted Fuhriman while his brother lit the candles.



If candles aren’t your thing, you can always use chalk. Junior Zach Barber asked junior Ariel McLean by writing ‘J Prom?’ on her driveway with chalk. Checking the weather before trying this out is important. You don’t want the rain to wash away all your hard effort.


Crime Scene

Junior Jonathan Chan created a crime scene outside junior Tori Wong’s house. He put caution tape around and his friend drew an outline of the corpse in chalk on the concrete. Next to the outline he wrote “I’m dying to go to J prom with you?” It was a complete surprise!


Movie Recreation

Junior Gianni Fiatarone asked sophomore Mia Harnett by recreating a scene from their favorite movie A Night at the Roxbury. Fiatarone walked across the quad, with his friends, holding a boombox above his head. He played “What is Love” by Haddaway and it was a complete surprise to Harnett.


Principal’s Office

Junior Jeff Lee asked Associate Principal Michael McAllister to call junior Kate Wolffe into his office for a stern talking to. Wolffe was completely terrified while Associate Principal McAllister was talking to her. Lee surprised her by holding a sign up outside the window saying “JPROM?”


Fortune Cookie

Junior Olivia Madsen asked her boyfriend with a fortune cookie that she ordered online. The fortune cookie message was personalized to say “will you go to prom with me?” Although ordering the cookie doesn’t cost much, it takes about a week for the delivery.


Congress Legislation

Junior Evan McAvenia asked senior Charles Correll using her public speaking knowledge. In public speaking, there’s a form of debate called congressional debate that both McAvenia and Correll enjoy. McAvenia had another skilled public speaker help her write a piece of legislation asking him to prom. Correll thought it was funny and responded with “I stand in the firmest affirmation of this piece of legislation.”


Mission Impossible

Junior Gina Pagan asked her friend from Campolindo to go with her to Junior Prom using a series of notes. The first note was anonymous and clued him in that he was part of the FBI, on a mission. He followed a chain of clues which eventually led to a pizza parlor. Pagan bought a pizza and asked him to check “yes” or “no” on the top of the pizza box.


Car ride

Junior Matt Moran gave junior Caroline Cowell a ride to school since he knew she normally walked. He asked her by reading a poem and playing the song “Sweet Caroline” when they got to school. It’s simple, yet romantic.



Junior Bennett Stehr went for the traditional approach and asked junior Kady Richardson with flowers outside her house. Even though flowers might not be the most original, the act of giving flowers is timeless.


Whether you’re creative or not, all prom invites tend to be cute. People are appreciative of effort. Instead of worrying about being the most creative or original, have confidence.