Prom: All You Need to Know for a Beautiful Makeover


Liz Berndt and Nicola Gonzales, Staff Writer and Business Manager

Hair extraordinaire junior Paige Powell helps Mirador conquer Prom hairstyles. Getting hair done at a salon can cost anywhere from $70-100; for some this is a silly waste of money. We are here to help you save cash and look great.

How to do Your Own Up-Do

  1. Split hair into four sections and braid each section.
  2. Pancake you hair (pull the braids out).
  3. Weave the hair along the back of the head (take the rubber bands off that were used to hold the hair in place).

photo 1-3

4.  Bobby pin hair to the back of the head. (“The more bobby pins the better” Powell said.)

photo 9


How to do Your Own Down-Do

  1. Curl your hair entirely (wands give the best result)

photo 7

2. “I think it looks better to have pieces framing your face,” Powell said, so she starts about an inch back from the face and braids a braid backwards from each side of the head.

photo 5

3.  Then cross the braids on the back of your head and pin up! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

photo 1

Helpful Tips

  1. If you are using hairspray remember to use it sparingly or it will become heavy and weigh the curls down, causing them to fall out.
  2. Wands give the best results when curling hair.
  3. To make your curls stay, hold the iron with your fingers and then when the curl is hot drop it into your hand and squeeze so the heat stays in the hair and helps the curls stay for longer.
  4. Bobby pins are perfect for securing; hair spray is a good final product to keep flyaways low.
  5. “You want to make sure your hair isn’t perfectly clean or it will slip out of style,” Powell said. Make sure there is a day between the last time you washed your hair and the time you are doing your hairstyle.
  6. Hold your wand until the hair is warm to the touch; it will vary for all hair types.
  7. You are going to need at least 15 bobby pins, possibly even double that.


The next important step in Junior Prom preparation is your make-up. Anyone can easily dress up their face with a classic smokey eye look.

How to do Your Own Smokey Eye

  1. Apply an eyeshadow primer or a sheer layer of concealer over the entire eye area.
  2. Begin with a light brushing of a nude color all over your eyelid, (hint you can use your daily face powder).
  3. Take a dark black pencil eyeliner and line your upper eyelid, thinnest at the inner corners and thicker at the outside edges. Then smudge the eyeliner before it dries with a clean q-tip to “smoke it out.”
  4. Take a medium grey shade and a fluffy brush and apply this color into the crease of your eye to create a shadow-like effect. Make sure to blend the edges out (you can also use your nude color from step 2 to smooth out the edges).
  5. Take a small brush and black eyeshadow and concentrate this at the outer corners of your eyes and then connect it to the outer edge of your crease creating a “V.” Also extend this lightly along the outer edge of your lower lashline.
  6. To finish eyeshadows, choose a color lighter than your skintone to highlight underneath the arch of your brow and along the inner corners of your eyes.
  7. Finish by outlinings your upper and lower waterlines with waterproof black eyeliner and a generous two coats of volumizing mascara. OPTIONAL: false eyelashes, but be careful, this can be tricky and occasionally a DISASTER.

Mirador has suggestions for last minute date asking. Remember stay calm and be bold; it’s your best bet.

How to Ask a Last Minute Date

So it’s now less than nine days before J-Prom. If you find yourself without a date DON’T FEAR! First, bake an assortment of baked goods, because everyone loves baked goods, girls and guys alike. Next, dress up in your snazziest outfit to catch a bachelor/ette’s eye. Then, it’s time to meet your match. Slowly approach the senior lawn, and get ready for the catwalk of a lifetime. You then will start your trek down the middle of the senior lawn, holding signs saying “J-Prom,” balloons and baked goods. Here’s where confidence is key: as seniors approach you, angry that you’re on the senior lawn, ask every single one to J-Prom. Someone is bound to say yes.