How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2013

Molly Swain and Sofia Marinac, Staff Writers

Every year, crazy Irish people (and anybody who likes to have a good time) celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. If you’re planning to join the party this year, these eight ideas will help you kick off St. Patty’s with a bang

This Snazzy Leprechaun is holding an Irish flag and sitting on a pot of gold.

1. Get nice n festive

That’s right people, green is the St. Patrick’s Day color. Break out that green Miramonte gear, or anything else lying around. Hit up Thrift Town for some funky finds like a sweater with a giant shamrock on it, or a shirt with a classic saying like “Kiss me I’m Irish”. Whatever your personal decoration, make sure it expresses your Irish pride.

2. Learn some St. Pattys Day history

Even though it’s a Sunday, why not do a little research? It’s best to know your stuff before attending a party made up of Irish fanatics. Here are a few facts to get you started: St. Patrick’s Day is really a celebration of Saint Patrick’s anniversary of death (not just a day adults spend drinking beer). Even the famous shamrock and color green have meaning behind them— St. Patrick used the shamrock as an Irish symbol of the Holy Trinity.

3. Eat some Irish food, laddie

Everyone likes a good feast, and what better way to celebrate then with some hearty corned beef, mashed potatoes and cabbage. Even though the classic corned beef meal originated in NYC, and is an American-Irish tradition, it still hits the spot when celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Some traditional Irish dishes include roast chicken, cabbage, lamb stew, and potatoes.

4. Go to a parade

This St. Patrick’s Day, right over the bridge in San Francisco, there’s a parade. You can find this parade on 2nd and Market from 11 – 5. The parade and festival will celebrate Irish culture and probably exhibit some of the city’s most flamboyant people (expect to see a few Leprechauns).

5. Learn some Irish dance moves

Not only will you be able to impress all your friends and family with your killer dance moves, you get to spend your day cel ebrating the Irish way. Don’t be afraid to get down on the quad on Monday to show us all your Riverdance moves.

6. Celebrate bright n early

If you have things to do in the afternoon or evening and can’t celebrate throughout the day, the answer is to have a breakfast bash. The perfect way to throw a St. Patty’s Day morning is with lots of friends and family. Decorate your house from top to bottom with green, and add some green food coloring to your cereal (Lucky Charms, of course). If you feel like cooking, green eggs and ham is always a funny one to try. Don’t forget some jammin’ Irish music to play in the background to keep everyone awake and feeling lively!

7. Watch a St. Patricks Day themed movie

Some great Irish themed movies are: Luck of the Irish, Finian’s Rainbow, Leap Year, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers: The Last Leprechaun, and if you dare, Leprechaun, a horror movie about a Leprechaun crazy to find his pot of gold.

8. Be safe and have fun

The St. Patrick’s Day holiday is notorious for excessive drinking, but there are plenty of ways to have fun and partake in the festivities without a pint of beer glued to your hand. If you have your license and family or friends are drinking, offer to be a designated driver. With the ideas listed above, St. Patty’s is destined to be a fun day- anyway you choose to celebrate.