Ode to the Tweeters of Miramonte

Ode to the Tweeters of Miramonte

Courtney Attard and Natalie Vigo, Staff Writers


We all know that people spend the majority of their day scrolling through their twitter feeds or thinking of that perfect tweet to rack up all those favorites. So if you need some inspiration or quality entertainment, follow these Miramonte tweeters for a unique variety that keeps your feed up to speed. 


Julia Duncan @jdunc96

Jubes is da name!

Twitter is her social fame

Her obsession is cats

These tweets entertain the Mats


Bre Alford @bbreezy2424

Subtweets are her calling

She’ll start a twitter brawling

So go follow Bre

For some dramatic insights to see


Nick Solit @nickysolit

For a play by play

Day by day

Turn that button blue!

Nicky’s tweets will keep you in the new


Betsy Fellner @betsy_fellner

Dun dun dun dun

Sharks bites are oh so fun!

You’re in for a Betsy attack

She’s bringing these babies back


Abby Brzezinski @itsmebrzezinski

It’s Miley Monday!

Every week they

Appear on mah feed

And inspire me to succeed


Lauren Dougherty @lodofosho

Lo Do Fosho

Her tweets are like whoa

Talkin bout dem raves

Concerts are her favs


Mac Lavis @mlavis


All the way

So patriotic

His pride is hypnotic


Matt Solit @CubanMsslCrisis

If you wanna LOL

Follow this bell

Literally so funny

It’ll hurt your tummy


Georgia Briskey @lolnut67

Lol nut

Excuse me wut?

“Speak to me metacarpals”

So random…


Kevin Swimmer @kswimmin

Addicted to Batman

Part of the Dark Knight Clan

For some quotes and more

See what he has in store


Maddy Miller @MaddyMiller2

She tweets with sass

While maintaining some class

The shrugging man thing

Is the game that she’ll bring


Grant Miller @ItsMiller_Time1

Are you a gangster?

Or is your BFF Yangster?

It’s G-Mill bro

On da real doe