The Latest Unversal Trend: The Harlem Shake

The Latest Unversal Trend: The Harlem Shake

“COLOTELORICA!” This indistinguishable, foreign phrase marks the start of every “Harlem Shake” video: the latest dancing trend to hit YouTube. From frolicking old people to college students underwater, the variety never ends with this increasingly popular form of entertainment.

The Harlem Shake first consists of just one person dancing by themselves. Then one hears “do the Harlem Shake,” and everyone goes cray-cray. Most do a strange, repeated dance move for the entire length of the video.

New Harlem Shakes are uploaded every day, each one increasingly strange (or maybe creative, depending on your point of view). The trend is sweeping the nation like never before. To think that this was just a casual video made by four college kids is pretty impressive.

It’s clear that the Miramonte crowd has grasped the Harlem Shake. Soon enough, students all around campus will be creating Harlem Shakes of their own, because it sure isn’t that hard. Rumor has it that a Harlem Shake has already been made by Miramonte students.

Bauuer’s single titled “Harlem Shake” was actually released over a year ago, yet this dancing craze began just a month ago. There are actually even older Harlem Shake roots that date back decades.

Some say it dates back to an iconic Harlem street dancer named AI B, who entertained Harlem’s basketball  games; he developed what many at the time considered the “Harlem Shake.” Though when this odd meme hit YouTube, it was nothing like the moves AI B had dropped just decades earlier.

The community of Harlem, in New York City, is not too happy with what people are now considering “The Harlem Shake.” In a video on YouTube, filmmaker Chris McGuire interviewed the people of Harlem. He showed them videos of the new Harlem Shake and asked them what they thought of it.

Nearly all of them hated it, and said that was nothing like the true Harlem Shake. Some even said that it is simply an act of injustice and disrespect to the Harlem community. The original Harlem Shake consists of swift steps and rapid arm-wiggling if you will, and this new fad is just moving around in repetitive motions like pelvic thrusts or “humping air,” as some consider it.

The Harlem Shake has even made its way to the world of advertising, and just some big names in general. There’s been a recent video of various staff and animals at San Diego’s SeaWorld. When the beat drops, seals and whales flap around like there’s no tomorrow.

As far as ads, there’s been a Harlem Shake-themed Pepsi ad, with Pepsi cans and bottles jumping around. This will probably be the start of many advertisements based on the Harlem Shake.

New videos hit YouTube daily, and the ideas are seemingly endless. Georgia swimmers did it in speedos, Norwegian soldiers did it in the snow, how will you top it?