Towheads of Miramonte

Kaitlin Fenn and Kyle Rechnitz, Staff Writers

Have you ever seen a bright white spot from across the quad or at the other end of the hall and end up realizing that it’s someone’s hair? Towheads, as they’re called, are people with white blonde hair and are quite rare within the Miramonte community.

“Everyone in my family is a towhead. My family even has a car with a personalized license plate that says ‘ToeHds’ on it,” sophomore Grant Miller said.

Having this color hair definitely makes you unique, but it can also be an annoyance.

“It stands out so people notice it, and mine’s also really curly so a lot of girls ask to touch it which can get annoying,” sophomore Jack Conner said.

Junior Tyler Kirchberg isn’t bothered by it, “It’s fine with me. I play water polo so it gets even blonder from the sun, but I don’t really care.”

Miller also had an interesting experience when he traveled to China with his family a few years ago.

“When we went to China, all of these people would stop and run out and take pictures of us because our hair was ‘good luck’. They just haven’t seen it before so we would be walking around and people would come up and touch our hair,” he said.

Generally, towheads get their hair color from an ancestor from a country in Northern Europe like Ireland, Sweden, or Norway where blonde hair is most frequently found.

“It makes sense that all of my siblings and I are towheads because our parents are both Irish and towheads too,” Miller said.