Daily Dozers of Miramonte Exposed


Youngjoo Ahn and Kelly Cheng

The average teenager is supposed to sleep eight to nine hours every night. However, most Miramonte students get less than the recommended average. Heavy workloads and various extracurriculars force students to sacrifice sleep.

From a random poll, the Mirador found that most students get around six to seven hours of sleep on average.

Students don’t have bad intentions when they fall asleep in class. Seniors Julia Ting and Kimberly Cheng are infamous around campus for repeatedly falling asleep in class. Both are dancers for California Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA) and dance around eight to 11 hours per week.

“On average I sleep about five hours per night,” Cheng said. “There isn’t really a specific time of the year that I tend to sleep more in class. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with projects and homework, I tend to stay sleep deprived for the rest of the week.”

“I don’t get enough sleep at night and I end up so tired. With my workload and extracurriculars, it’s so hard to stay awake,” Cheng said.

“I’m so tired that I can’t help it. I don’t fall asleep because the class is boring,” Ting said. “My eyelids stop working. The mornings are always the hardest and it goes downhill from there.”

Earlier this year, Cheng and Ting utilized social media in an epic photo war showcasing pictures of one another sleeping in class.

“Kim would take pictures of me sleeping and then I would do the same. There are more than 20 pictures online, but it just naturally died off,” Ting said.

Senior Dillon Read is another infamous sleeper. From schoolwork to track, he has a busy schedule.

“There’s not an exact time period when I fall asleep. It depends but I know I’ll be out if there’s a lecture,” Read said. “On the bright side, I’ve been sleeping less in class compared to junior year.”

Sleeping students are a disruption to the class no matter how well-intentioned they may be. They miss important material and have a hard time keeping up with the rest of the class.

“Even the most fascinating Fitz lecture can lead to a drooping of the eyelids if I’ve had a bad night,” senior George Kaiser said.

“My policy is no sleeping unless all class work has been completed. There are excellent reasons for students falling asleep, but my primary concern is for student to learn mathematics, not sleep,” Math Teacher Carolyn Manning said. “Graduating seniors sleep the most. There isn’t a certain time period during the year when more students are sleeping.”

Physics and Algebra 2/Trig teacher Ricky Sorenson has a fun tradition to prevent students from sleeping in her physics class. If a student falls asleep so deeply that they do not realize the other students have left the room, they must buy pizza for the whole class.

“These kids are highly motivated students, who all want to be there. My most consistent sleeper from my first year is at Yale, and from my second year is headed to Cal Tech. Neither had to buy pizza, lucky for them,” Sorenson said. “These kids are not slackers, just overworked. By 7th period, dozing off is not uncommon.”

“This is the first year anyone got caught. I actually felt so bad for the student who got caught, I gave him $20 to help buy the pizza,” Sorenson said. “He falls asleep every time I put on a Mechanical Universe Video. He was a great sport about it.”