How to Relish Your Last Week

Jessie Osterman and Natalie Vigo

Wondering how to relish your last week?

The main thing is, take a break:

After a long morning of finals, treat yourself to some much needed relaxing! De-stress by going for a hike, taking a nap, going for a swim or eating lunch with friends. The possibilities are endless and you can get many things done in a few hours so that you still have time to review.

Ways to successfully “take a break”

1. Head out into nature: we are blessed with a beautiful chunk of land here in the Bay. From reservoirs to beaches and from forests to fields, you will be able to find a great place to relax and ease your mind. Make sure to bring along some snacks and water if you’re heading out on a hike, or even pack a small picnic for you and some friends to take into the remote East Bay wilderness.

2. Take a dip: If you don’t already have a pool in the convenience of your backyard, there are many more options you can consider to take a quick swim. All those who are residents of Orinda can still enjoy the brand new amenities of the Wilder facilities, which can be accessed via the Wilder exit off Highway 24. You can also take a swim at local swim clubs such as Meadow, Orinda Country Club, Oakwood, Orinda Park Pool and many more! And if you can’t make it to a pool for some reason, even having a water balloon fight or running through sprinklers is a great way to cool off and de-stress.

3. Enjoy the time you spend with friends during the week: get out of Orinda for the day, take BART into Walnut Creek, Lafayette or Berkeley to hit up some of the best food spots in the Bay. To enjoy all the Bay has to offer, plan out a different place to eat lunch at every day! Even if you do end up back in downtown Orinda one of those days, its okay because as long as you’re with friends, you are bound to have a great day.

4. Naptime: Yes, it seemed foreign to us a few years ago, but in reality naps can be a high schooler’s best friend. If you are feeling extremely overwhelmed by finals and the fact that the year is so suddenly coming to a close, take a day off and just let your mind relax and ease itself down from the workload it has been carrying the past 10 months.

5. Spend time with the teachers you love: You will most likely not have them next year, and won’t see them for a couple of months, so if they have a place near and dear to your heart, let that shine through. Show your appreciation through verbal gratitude, small gifts, cards, etc.

6. Get those yearbooks signed: In 50 years from now, you will look back on your Miramonte yearbooks and all those signatures and reminisce about the good ol’ days. Whether it’s a quick message, or a lengthy novel type, get those memories imprinted into the pages.

7. Farewell to the Seniors: If you are not graduating this year, make sure to show some love for our seniors by attending the graduation ceremony. They will really appreciate it and you will get a chance to take pictures with your friends and say goodbye.