Necessities for A Great Summer

Kenyon Watson, Staff Writer

Summer is right around the corner and there are a few things you will need to survive the 89 days of heat and sunshine. The Mirador created a list of necessities you will need to buy in order to make your summer the best it can be.

Maui Babe Browning Lotion: This all-natural tanning accelerant perfectly tints all skin types giving an amazing summer glow. Although it reeks of raisins and may stain your hands after over-usage, it certainly gives off a real tan glimmer in minimal sun time.

2. Summer Playlist: Make yourself a collection of jams that bring those summer vibes no matter where you are. Make sure to incorporate the songs from the playlist created by Jack Kovalik and Colin Bean on page 22.

3. Swimsuits/Board shorts: It is essential for everyone to have swimsuits and board shorts to show off that bod! Head out confidently to participate in all sorts of summer activities.

4. Sunglasses: Protect your eyes while still looking stylish with many different types and brands of sunglasses that fit all faces. They save you from being blinded and you look like a fireball of hotness.

5. Flip Flops: Who can go a summer without flip-flops? Whip out those sandals you have been waiting all year to wear.

6. A Form of Transportation (not a car): Enjoy the fresh air by cruising around on a bike, skateboard or even roller-skates. You will look stellar while helping the environment and getting exercise; a perfect combination!

7. Sunscreen: Please do yourself a favor and buy yourself sunscreen to guard your skin from sunburns. Honestly, who wants to look like a lobster during summer?

8.Underwater Camera: Snap pictures of your favorite summer moments underwater so you can refresh your memories later in the year. If you have an iPhone be sure to purchase the LifeProof iPhone case, allowing you to take your iPhone six and half feet under water!

9.Sun Hat: Deflect the sun and attract the ladies. Join the movement.