Summer Jobs

Maddie Geary, Staff Writer

With more free time comes more opportunities that are fun, but often expensive. Joining a work force will help you shape who you are and pay you lots of money you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Here are a few kinds of jobs.


Pros: high paying, free food and cute kids

Cons: long periods of time and tiring

“Babysitting pays a lot but it is a lot of effort to be in charge of multiple kids for a long period of time. I would still choose babysitting over any other job because there is free food,” junior Rachael Purcell said.


Pros: get tan, good pay

Cons: lots of training, long periods of time, tiring and requires lots of focus

“The training took forever and I had to sacrifice four Sundays just to get qualified to apply for a job. However, it is pretty nice pay,” sophomore John Diamantidis said.

Sports Coach

Pros: good pay (increases pay each year at MCC) and leads to babysitting jobs

Cons: dealing with kids who don’t want to cooperate or play the sport

“I continue to work at MCC because my pay increases each year. It gets annoying though because the kids don’t want to play tennis very often so it ends up being me screaming at them,” sophomore Haley Stanten said.


Pros: people listen to you, learn more about a particular sport

Cons: get frustrated with those who umpire your sports games

“As a women’s lacrosse umpire, I understand the rules more, which helps me understand the game more thoroughly. However, it also gets me in trouble with the umpires who work my games because I catch all their mistakes,” senior Lauren Dougherty said.

OBA Shack

Pros: get paid to text and eat free food

Cons: really hot and boring

“I haven’t decided if I like working at the OBA shack. It is nice because it requires no energy but at the same time the heat is unbearable and I get so bored to the point where I want to explode,” freshman Olivia Vigo said.

Ice Cream scooper

Pros: free ice cream, get arm muscle from scooping

Cons: boring

“I am new to the job and it is my first job ever so I try really hard to do a good job but at the two hour mark I get really bored,” sophomore Gabbi Kreutzelman said.

Swim Instructor

Pros: Free food from club Snack Shack

Cons: dealing with kids who don’t want to get in the water

“The job gets pretty annoying because literally none of the kids ever want to get in the water, but at least it pays,” sophomore Betsy Fellner said.