The Summer Bucket List

Molly Swain and Sofia Marinac

Summer. We wait all year for these lazy days without homework, tests and waking up at the ungodly hour of 6AM. Now that the school year is finally ending and summer is here, what is there to do on these long summer days? Here are 50 things to do before summer kicks the bucket.

♦ Learn to surf (4 points)

♦ Throw a spontaneous party (3)

♦ Have a lemonade stand (2)

♦ Go on a road trip (3)

♦ Do a Harlem shake video somewhere random (3)

♦ Make a new friend (5)

♦ Try a new recipe (3)

♦ Clean out your closet and donate to Goodwill (3)

♦ Make a music video with your friends (2)

♦ Be a yes (wo)man for the day (5)

♦ Try a new hairstyle (1)

♦ Wear a costume and hug random people (6)

♦ Spend a day at the zoo (2)

♦ Go camping (3)

♦ Get a boating license (3)

♦ Try a sun tattoo (2)

♦ Take a trip to Disneyland (6)

♦ Apply for a summer job (2)

♦ Go river rafting (4)

♦ Build a fort (2)

♦ Make a big sand castle (2)

♦ Save up for something special (1)

♦ Run through sprinklers on someone else’s lawn (5)

♦ Make a rope swing (2)

♦ Build a treehouse (5)

♦ Make your own popsicles (2)

♦ Go vegan for a day (3)

♦ Sleep on a trampoline (or a roof!) (1)

♦ Bonfire (2)

♦ Plant a tree (3)

♦ Go yard saling (double points if you throw your own yard sale)(2)

♦ Have an intense water balloon fight (2)

♦ Try all 31 baskin robbins flavors (4)

♦ Have a bubble bath in a baby pool (2)

♦ Go to a dog park with your buddy! (Pointe Isabelle dog park) (1)

♦ Send a message in a bottle (or a balloon!) (3)

♦ Mall scavenger hunt (2)

♦ Take a picture everyday of the summer (3)

♦ Go cliff jumping (safely, of course) (2)

♦ Rebuild a friendship with someone that you used to know (2)

♦ Drive-in movie (2)

♦ Learn how to hula dance (1)

♦ Do a Chinese fire drill (2)

♦ Get your fortune told (2)

♦ Have a picnic (2)

♦ Go ice blocking (2)

♦ Have a tea party (1)

♦ Stay up for 24 hours (2)

♦ Paint the rock (5)

♦ Finish this bucket list (20)


135+: Your summer was spectacular!!

Congrats! If you scored 135 points or more, you are a shining star and your summer must have rocked. If you were a type of popsicle, you’d be a rocket ship on your way to infinity and beyond.


90-135: Your summer was pretty good!

Give yourself a pat on the back, you made it to the end without being completely bored. If you were a type of popsicle you’d be a push pop; pushing for the best summer ever, but not completely satisfied at the end.


90-: Well….Hopefully your summer is better next year……

If you were a popsicle, you’d be a sugar free popsicle, because your summer wasn’t very sweet. Sorry, not sorry. Better luck next time.

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