Students Addicted to Meth…Show

Spencer Hardwick and Maddie Geary

Unless you’ve been cooking meth in a trailer in the middle of the desert for the past five years, you’ve heard of AMC’s hit crime drama, Breaking Bad. The show first started in January 2008 and was received with such rave reviews that the show continued to air up until 2013. Five seasons later, Walter White’s blue meth is seeing its final days on the television screen.

The show is airing its final eight episodes, with the grand finale airing Sept. 29th. Fans of the show are suspensefully awaiting the final episode, and with each new one, the tension increases. When asked how they are feeling in the weeks leading up to the grand finale, most students are very excited, but junior Tessa Hanson said she feels sad and disappointed that it is ending.

“Breaking Bad has been my life ever since my parents got me into it,” Hanson said.  “I love it and I am really sad it’s ending.”

Though the show has been airing since 2008, most students remarked that they only started watching the show recently. Thanks to the first several seasons being available on Netflix, it is easy to catch up with all the meth-making that aired for five years. In fact, none of the students that were interviewed started Breaking Bad in 2008. Rather, they heard about it during the past year or so and spent most of their free time glued to their computer screens, catching up on the episodes they had missed.

But how will it end? There are many theories about how the curtains will close on Walter White and Co., but none of them seem more likely than the rest. And with the penultimate episode airing last night, the tension and mystery surrounding White’s final moves has only thickened.

“I think the only way the series can end at this point is for Walt to die,” junior Alex Eberle said. “I can’t see any other way that would make sense and tie up all the loose ends.”