Is iOS7 Worth the Download?

Olivia Vigo, Staff Writer

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Apple released a new update, iOS7, on September 18, sparking heated debates over whether it’s worth the download. The Matadors walked down the hallways with their faces glued to their phone screens waiting for the “apple gears” to complete their turning. After the download was complete, Mats shared their opinions via twitter; either complaining or obsessing over their new phones.
iOS7 includes a completely new design and features. The new setup seems to be delayed when opening different apps, because of a “fade-in and fade-out” setting. Student’s favorite new feature is the control center located when you “swipe up” on your screen.  It enables you to access all your settings instantly; music, brightness, photos, alarm, weather, and calculator.
“It’s pretty dope, I like the control center and airdrop is sweet. Also I have the coolest lock screen from the pictures they provide,” Patrick Swan ‘14 said.
Another awesome feature is the new photo edits. After taking a photo you can edit them by instantly picking one of eight filters.
“Now when I want to edit a photo for Instagram I can just choose a filter instead of downloading an app,” Dylan Kronenberg ‘16 said.
Another new feature is the redundant photo and media sharing setting called “AirDrop.” It allows you to share a file with another iPhone that you’re connected to.
Although there are many pros of the new update there are numerous cons of the iOS7.
“I downloaded the new update because I thought it would improve my phone, but now it just looks girly and non-business like,” Mark Laughton 15’ said. “I was kind of embarrassed by the fruity new apps.”
Apple has one known glitch: making others accessible to messaging and calls even when your iPhone is locked. This is made possible by Siri, making hijackers able to break in and your information less private.
iOS7 has gotten some awesome reviews and you can instantly update your phone once connected to wifi. Join the trend and download the high-tech gadgets so you can share your edited selfies airdrop style.

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