Mirador’s Fall Lookbook of 2013

Sofia Marinac and Molly Swain

Circle skirts, stripes, and frockets, oh my! With trends old and new, the post-summer, pre-fall lookbook of 2013 is here and better than ever. Here is Mirador’s inside look at Miramonte’s fashion



Lace bandeaus: Layering with cut out shirts, woven tops, and strappy dresses can be difficult. Luckily lacey bandeaus are in and awkward bra straps are out.

Shift dresses: These shapeless dresses have made a big impact on the girl population of Miramonte. Found at stores like Brandy Melville and Free People, they are becoming more common.

Birkenstocks: Who would have thought that these sandals would make the pre-fall lookbook? Although some may not view them as attractive, many people are giving into the irresistible amount of comfort they provide.

Skater skirts: These skirts are commonly worn with tight fitted shirts and flowy cardigans. Also known as circle skirts, these seem to be a new favorite for the girl population at Miramonte.


V-Necks with Frockets: Also known as pocket tees, these shirts have been quite popular. With so many designs and options, an endless amount of shirts are within your reach.

Khakis: Want to add some class to any outfit you’re wearing? Throw on a pair of khakis and you’re good to go.

Shorts are getting shorter: Maybe that’s just a water polo thing. Baggy shorts that go past the knee? Absurd. It’s all about that mid-thigh look.

Button-down shirts: Goodbye muscle tees, hello button down shirts. This shift in men’s fashion has turned in the more classy direction.


Potential Trend

Seniors Peter Swan, Patrick Swan, Elliot Alper, Alex Sulyman, and Nick Coufal have created a surf-inspired clothing line called “Tide.” “Forming the brand took a lot of creativity and manual labor,” senior Patrick Swan said. “Our sample shirts got some awesome feedback and we’re stoked that we are launching soon with our real product.”