Create Tasty Halloween Treats


Courtney Attard, Staff Writer

One of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is to make spirited tasty treats. Use any of these simple and fun recipe ideas  to spook and satisfy your family and friends.

Rice Frankies

These little monsters are cute and simple. Start off with a rice crispy treat recipe. When heating the marshmallows and butter, add food coloring, drop by drop, until you reach a satisfying shade of green. Once the finished rice crispy treats are spread across a cookie sheet drying, slice them into rectangular pieces. Seperately, melt a cup of dark chocolate chips until smooth. Dip the tops of the bars into the melted chocolate, allowing the drips to resemble hair. Then place them on wax paper so they can dry. Once dry, add eye candy and additional face features with frosting. Be creative!

Tips: It may be easier to use chocolate candy coating sold at Safeway.

Brownie Coffins

Start off with a brownie recipe. Once your brownies are done and cooled off, cut the batch into six rectangles. Shape each piece into a coffin. Using white frosting, outline the shapes to create a border and decorate your coffins as desired.

Tips: Don’t cut brownies until completely cooled for clean slices. For best results, make thin brownies.

Marshmallow Monsters

First, line a baking sheet with wax paper. Then, melt a bag of white candy coating (sold at your local grocery store) according to package directions and separate into small bowls. Designate each bowl to a different color, and use your food dye to reach the desired shade. Dip marshmallows into into candy coating (hold marshmallows with a fork or toothpick) and place them on the baking sheet. Add facial features using frosting and attach candy eyes. For further decoration, be creative with sprinkles, taffy candy, chocolate kisses, and other candy for hair/other traits.

Tips: Some fun ideas are frankenstein, candy corn, pumpkins, and dracula.

Mysterious Mice

Melt a bowl of chocolate candy coating. You will need maraschino cherries (with stems), chocolate candy coating, hershey’s kisses, frosting (white/red), and slivered almonds. Start off by melting the candy coating in a bowl. Dip half of a cherry in the chocolate and set in on wax paper for the body. Dip the bottom of a hershey’s kiss in the chocolate as well and press it against the cherry. This will be the face. While the chocolate is still drying, press two almond slivers in between the cherry and the hershey’s kiss for ears. For the finishing touch, add two drops of white frosting for eyes with red frosting in the middle resembling a mouse.