Mirador’s Fresh Halloween Costume Ideas


Have fun re-enacting your worst school picture this Halloween

Ellie Poling and Juliet Miller

Looking for some unique Halloween costume ideas? Here are some options to impress your friends and peers. From singular costumes to group costumes, look through this selection of ensembles to find your perfect match.

Group Costumes

Minions from Despicable Me: Head on over to Berkeley and shop around the multitude of thrift shops to find some blue overalls. Then grab a long sleeved yellow shirt and hit up Target for some yellow tights. If you want to complete the look, find your biggest and roundest pair of swim goggles.

“Average Joes” from Dodgeball: This costume requires a little extra planning. If you want the full effect, design Average Joe t-shirts like the ones in the movie on a site like Customink.com or search for already made shirts on Amazon or ebay. It’s easy from there on out. Just grab a pair of red track shorts from your local sports store and while you’re at it get a pair of white tube socks and a red sweatband. Voila!

Anchorman Crew: Getting pumped for Anchorman 2 to come out? Go to Pleasant Hill to the Goodwill store, bonus, there is a Salvation Army right next door. Pick out the oldest looking suit, preferably in a nice burgundy or deep green. Next, it’s all about the hair. If you have enough to work with just grab some gel and start experimenting. If you’re in need of a little extra volume head to Boswells for a wig, with some nice sideburns. Facial hair is also important, so either stop shaving or go grab a pack of fake mustaches! If you’re planning on being the character Champ, keep your eyes peeled for the best white cowboy hat.

Couple Costumes

Danny and Sandy: Wanting to bring it back to the classic Grease days? For Sandy, find some cool black pants. Maybe your mom has a pair of these leather leggings in the back of her closet. Then simply buy a plain black tee and cut around the neck for an off the shoulder look. Get out your curling iron and hair spray and go for a mini afro. And for that slick Danny Zuko look, use a tight black shirt and pants. If you can, look online or your closest costume store for the vintage T-Birds jacket. To complete this simple look, apply an abundant amount of hair gel!

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White: This one’s simple. For Jesse grab a big red hoodie and some baggy jeans, get your most skater-like shoes and a beanie to top it all off. For Walt, a nice button down will do along with a black top hat and some big black framed glasses. For extra fun, run to Powells candy shop, get some blue rock candy and grind it all up and put it in small bags to make it look like the meth that Jesse and Walt make in the show!

Mario and Luigi: Grab your best bud and decide who looks better in either red or green. The hardest part about this costume will be finding those perfect pairs of overalls. Once you’ve found those, focus on making the notorious hats. Use plain red and green baseball caps and cut out  the L and G using felt. Paint on mustaches and you and your friend will be ready to race around your neighborhood come Halloween night.

Single Costumes

Awkward School Photo: We’ve all had one; your part was off, still in the braces phase, or hadn’t discovered the beauty of contacts. Well this costume lets you revisit the glory days. First you’ll need that classic background, so go to Boswell’s or CVS to get a large poster board and decorate it as you wish. Then the fun part, getting yourself as unpresentable as you can. Hit up the Dollar store for some big framed glasses and pop the cheap plastic lenses out. Next up, a trip to your local thrift store, your mission is to find the wackiest sweater, if you’re lucky you might find a turtleneck. Lastly, you’ll need to do up your hair, pig tails are always a winner for the ladies and a nice side sweep is perfect for the guys.

Spring Breaker: Neon, neon, and more neon. Besides just going crazy with bright colored tops, cut -off shorts are a must for this ensemble. This costume won’t require too much effort. To finish off this look buy a cheap pair of sunglasses or even a ski mask to bring out a creepier side for Halloween night.