Miramonte Students’ Favorite Halloween Candies

Jack Kovalik, Sports Beats Editor

Of the hundreds of types of candy out there in the world, Miramonte students have a few particular types they love the most. Mirador’s Jack Kovalik talks to a handful of students to discuss favorite types of candy they will hunt for on Halloween. This is just a sample of the variety in favorites Miramonte has to offer. Be sure to go out and hunt for your favorite on the 31st!


Noah Bostick


“My favorite type of candy would have to be Crunch Bar. I love the chocolate mixed with the crunchy rice specs in the candy bar,” junior Bostick says.


Gabbi Kreutzleman



Kreutzleman’s favorite candy is Snickers.  “I like Snickers the most because I love chocolate. Peanuts and chocolate are an unbeatable combination,” junior Kreutzleman said.


Jessica Alvarado


“Out of all the candy, I like Laffy Taffy the most. But, I don’t like the Banana flavor very much,” junior Alvarado said. “My favorite flavor of Laffy Taffy would have to be Cherry.  Strawberry isn’t bad either.”


Anna Finnel


Finnel loves chocolate more than any type of candy. “I love Hershey bars the most because they are the purest candy,” senior Finnel said. Historically, Hershey’s bars have been an easy candy to give out for Halloween, so many students also share Finnel’s opinion.


Alex Gutierrez and David Elman


“My favorite candy would have to be Reese’s. Chocolate and peanut butter make the best combination,” senior Gutierrez said. Elman agrees with Gutierrez, saying that Reese’s are the best candy out there.


Cole Wirtz


Wirtz argues that Twizzlers are his favorite candy to receive on Halloween. “Twizzlers are the best because they are both chewy and fruity,” junior Wirtz said.