Take a Look into the Stars with Mirador’s Fall Horoscopes

Molly Swain and Sofia Marinac

Aries: The school year has started to settle down just as the autumn winds are picking up. Don’t get too comfortable with your developing Netflix addiction-finals aren’t far away.

Taurus: The rainy days of November are finally here! Take advantage of the overcast skies and stay home watching movies, reading a book, or baking a brownie in mug.

Gemini: There are a lot of good movies coming out this holiday season, so head to the theater with a thermos of hot cocoa and some fuzzy socks to escape the chills of the outdoors.

Cancer: You’ve been pretty stressed lately about all the schoolwork that’s piling up. Take a couple of friends to the mall and treat yourself to some cute new sweaters for the chilly days that are setting in. What better way to let off all that excess energy with a shopping spree?

Leo: And so the Leo fell in love with the lamb… You’ve been having feelings for someone you shouldn’t recently and it’s starting to give you that fiery, inner summer feeling every time you see them. Act now against your better judgment or forget it all together; the choice is yours.

Virgo: Your luck is completely up to you this month. Rather than sitting around waiting for something lucky to happen, create your own luck. If you treat others especially nice this month you will be rewarded in a way you would least expect it.

Libra: On the 15th, the things that you have been putting off until the last minute will bring you stress. In order to avoid this, make sure you do things as soon as possible. You will be rewarded if you do so with goodies and treats.

Scorpio: Lucky you, Scorpio, because not only is November your birthday month, but the stars are aligned in your favor. Expect to hit all the green lights, receive some sort of free baked good, and guess correctly on a test.

Sagittarius: Falling leaves, falling in love, it’s all the same to you. This month you’ll fall for someone that’ll make you want to kiss in the rain… just stay off the quad with your shenanigans and keep it PG kiddos.

Capricorn: If there’s ever a time to start a new TV show, it’s now. Be bold and start a show that isn’t well known. You’ll become a trendsetter amongst your friends!

Aquarius: During this month one of your friends will have a problem worth consulting. In order to avoid drama and maintain social harmony in your group, it is important to comfort them as soon as possible.

Pisces: You will have a very difficult math test this month. Don’t be too confident; make sure that you fully understand how to do all the problems.