Books Vs. Movies


Sofia Marinac

First comes the book, then comes the movie, then comes the argument of which was more groovy…
*SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read these books or seen their movies, this article may give away the plot*


The Hunger Games:

The Book-

Peeta loses his leg
Katniss becomes deaf in one ear until the end of the book
Avox girl plays a minor role in the story

The Movie-

Leg is totally fine
Katniss is deaf for like five seconds
What’s an Avox?

Life of Pi:

The Book-

Pi is has to live a pretty gruesome life
Richard Parker is able to be trained. He even jumps through some hoops
Pi gets extremely annoyed at the two men
Narrator decides which story is the truth

The Movie-

Let’s keep it PG folks
Richard Parker is super aggressive so Pi gives up training him
Pi keeps his cool while talking to the two men
Obviously Pi’s story is not the real one


The Book-

Reading the books is totally cool
Bella Swan is totally cool
Jacob Black is totally cool

The Movie-

“Wait, you like Twilight?”
Does Kristen Stewart have a personality?
Always shirtless. Totally cool.
Bella is unemployed

Harry Potter:

The Book-

Dumbledore calmly asks if Harry Potter put his name in the goblet
Unborn Teddy Lupin has a critical role
Harry Potter is supposed to be scrawny with wild and messy hair

The movie-

Major freak out. Try taking a chill pill Dumbledore
Who is Teddy Lupin?
Harry Potter has shiny, straight hair with muscular features