Spectacularly Strange Online Buys

Devin Mottier, Entertainment Editor

Do you have that particular person in your life who’s just a little bit quirky? You always want to get them a gift but stores don’t sell anything nearly as odd. Don’t fret, Mirador’s got your back with this online shopping guide. Being weird has never been easier!

1. An Ostrich Pillow: These are literally the most ridiculous things to look at, but they’re extremely clever. The Ostrich Pillow surrounds your head with cushions so you can comfortably rest your head just about anywhere you want. This is the perfect gift for lazy oddballs everywhere.


2. An anatomically correct replica of five pounds of human fat: Has the oncoming chilliness made you lazy? Does the prospect of the gym make you cringe and weep? You’re not alone. For a mere $88.15, you can have the best exercise-motivator on the market: an anatomically-accurate model of five pounds of human fat.


3. Unicorn mask: Although many consumers believe the unicorn mask to be absurd and useless, this novelty is an absolute necessity for everyone. Wearing this majestic glory makes you happy on the saddest of days. Have a friend put it on and neigh at bikers as you drive through Berkeley, their facial expressions completely validate the $14.20 plus shipping you spent.



4. A protective banana container: It’s a known fact that bananas are squishy and weird, so why not protect our potassium-packed pals with their own hard case! Banana bunkers come in a variety of colors and cost only $6.99.



5. A book of science experiments parents can perform on their infants: This is the ultimate gift for that quirky person in your family who’s expecting a little bundle of joy. “Experimenting With Babies” gives any soon-to-be-parents the opportunity to bond with their child by turning them into science projects! *Also great for babysitters



6. An acre of the moon: Are you worried about the apocalypse? Do you want an easy escape route off of earth when the zombies come? Worry no more because your problem is solved. For just $39.99 you can own a whole acre of land on the moon! The Standard Gift Package also includes lunar documents AND futuristic packaging. What more could you want?



7. A second-generation USB pet rock: Busy students may have a hard time balancing school, friends, and even a job, so how can they even think about caring for a pet? It’s a known fact that some pets can be a hassle, so make your life easier with the USB pet rock. The only care this little guy needs is some love and affection, but even that isn’t mandatory.



8. An egg-cuber: Oval eggs are far too mainstream, so stop conforming to society’s ways and think egg-sistentially about the matter. The average egg rolls around and falls off of things when nobody’s looking. Stop the madness and spend $7.99 on this revolutionary egg cuber.



9. A onesie for babies that doubles as a mop: Babies make messes that nobody wants to clean up. Assert your power over that little bundle of joy and make them carry their weight! The mop onesie is a versatile baby-suit that doubles as a mop. A mere $40.00 keeps your floors clean and your baby in check.