The 2013 Autumn Bucket List

Sofia Marinac and Molly Swain

The leaves are turning, the wind is blowing, and pumpkin spice lattes are back (and beter than ever). Finally, fall is here. Give these chilly autumn months a warm welcome with 40 things to do before the Christmas trees go up and the menorahs are lit.


♦ Participate in No-Shave-November (5 points)

♦ Try a pumpkin spice latte (1 point)

♦ Trade sweaters with friends (3 points)

♦ Rake up leaves and jump into them (5 points)

♦ Finish Halloween candy (6 points)

♦ Thrift shop for sweaters (2 points)

♦ Bake festive pies (2 points)

♦ Splash in puddles with rain boots on (4 points)

♦ Wear fuzzy socks  (1 point)

♦ Snuggle with your cat (or dog. . . or pillow) (2 points)

♦ Go for a hike and look at the fall colors (1 point)

♦ Take your dog to a dog park (4 points)

♦ Take up knitting (6 points)

♦ Try a new recipe (3 points)

♦ Have a “throw-leaves-up-in-the-air” photo shoot (4 points)

♦ Support your fellow Mats and go to lots of games (6 points)

♦ Bob for apples (3 points)

♦ Use up a full tube of Chapstick (2 points)

♦ Change out your summer clothing in your closet for your fall clothes (1 point)

♦ Skip the party and cuddle up with a movie and hot chocolate (3 points)

♦ Invest in a cute new pair of leggings (2 points)

♦ Go in a hot tub then jump into a cold pool (4 points)

♦ Go to a circus (5 points)

♦ Make a turkey painting with your hand (3 points)

♦ Paint a mug at Color Me Mine (6 points)

♦ Make some homemade soup (4 points)

♦ Go on a hay ride (4 points)

♦ Go apple picking (5 points)

♦ Sip on some cider (1 point)

♦ Have a bonfire (2 points)

♦ Have a scary movie marathon with friends (double points if you’re alone!!!) (3 points)

♦ Roast some s’mores (2 points)

♦ Go to a corn maze and find your way through it (6 points)

♦ Drink fancy coffee (1 point)

♦ Watch a lot of sports games (3 points)

♦ Read a non-school-related book (2 points)

♦ Cook a new dish for your family’s Thanksgiving meal (6 points)

♦ Make a bird feeder (4 points)

♦ Visit a zoo or aquarium (5 points )

♦ Go to a pumpkin patch (2 points)


If you scored 0-50:

You’re probably the type to get caught in the rain without an umbrella… after failing a midterm. Head to a local coffee shop and buy yourself a cup of holiday cheer because your fall isn’t looking too good.


If you scored 51-100:

Hooray! You’re somewhere between a lukewarm Thanksgiving turkey and Grandma’s secret cranberry sauce drizzled over warm stuffing. The pilgrims appreciate your lovin’ on the fall season.


If you scored 101+:

Pies, pumpkins, and turkeys- oh yum! You’re the tastiest of them all. Click your heels together three times and a pilgrim will appear before you reciting all the reasons they’re thankful for you.