Loose Talk: Teacher Edition

Meghan Rogers, Staff Writers

“I’m a frog out of luck here, but this time I’m a lucky frog.” – Cindy Boyko (after assessing a problem)

“Oh no…Somebody has your socks now…or your instruction manual for causing intestinal discomfort.” – Sharat Gadde (regarding viral infections)

“The first step is admitting you have a problem. You are a talkaholic.” – Hope Hauptman (after repeatedly asking a student to be quiet)

“I like to create a frenzied, hostile environment around poetry.” – Donia Gousios (on wanting students to compete for poems to analyze)

“Instead of putting in my contacts, I took a nap on my cat blanket.” – Savannah Heupel (on why she was wearing glasses)

“Drawing stars on my paper helps me focus.” – Cindy Boyko (after correcting a problem)