Mad Libs: Letter to Santa

Elizabeth Chenok, Managing Editor

Dear Santa,


I can’t believe it’s already ____ (month)! I’ve been ____ (adverb) waiting for ____ (number) months for Christmas to come! This year, my family is ____ (verb) to ____ (location). We are going to have the best time. While we’re there we will ____ (adj) _____ (verb) and make snowmen. This year for Christmas, I am asking for ____ (object), _____ (adj) socks, and a brand new ____ (body part)! I also want a ____ (animal), but I don’t know if _____ (name) will let me. How do you deliver presents so ____ (adverb)? I’ve been ____ (verb ending in -ing) to figure it out for _____ (number) years, and I can’t seem to catch you! Every night on Christmas Eve, I bake ____ (type of food) and leave it under the chimney. In the morning they are gone! Do you come down the ____ (household appliance)? If I don’t see you this year, I will ____ (adv) _____ (verb). I don’t know how my parents will feel about that…. Thank you so much Santa, I really do appreciate it.



____ (Your Name)