Mats Embark on Winter Break Adventures

Mats Embark on Winter Break Adventures

Ari Stein, Staff Writer

Students at Miramonte go to a variety of places over winter break. Some travel across the country, and others stay close to home.

For Orinda families, one popular travel destination is Lake Tahoe. It is close to home, and families can enjoy the snow together. For sophomore Ali Ingrey, Tahoe is like a second home. Her family owns a cabin in Alpine Meadows, and they often go up with friends. “Tahoe is my favorite place to be regardless of the season. In the winter I ski, and when the mountain is closed we have a place to sled in our backyard, so we will go out and play in the snow. There is so much to do, especially since Squaw joined with Alpine,” Ingrey said.

Like Tahoe, Utah is a popular place for families to go to enjoy the cold. Just an hour and half away on a plane, it is convenient, yet out of California. One Miramonte student who is familiar with the rocky mountains of Utah is junior Scott Guidotti. “I really like going up to Utah every winter with my family, because the skiing is really great, and it is a fun trip,” Guidotti said.

Although lots of Miramonte students stay close to home, others travel far far away. Senior Bella Calderon is taking a trip to sunny Thailand with her family for winter break. They are escaping the cold and immersing themselves in Thai culture.
Another student going overseas is sophomore Ashley Goryl, who will be flying to the Czech Republic, but with a different purpose than most. As an enthusiastic horseback rider, Goryl will be searching for the perfect horse to buy. “The Czech Republic has nicer horses, because Europeans breed their horses better than Americans,” Goryl said. In addition to buying a horse, Goryl will be visiting family.

Enthusiastic sophomore and world traveler Caiseen Kelley will be flying to Tokyo, Japan, for her break. Kelly is not only excited to bother her sister, senior Caie Kelley, on the plane, but to experience another culture. Last year the Kelley’s went to London, and Paris before that. “I look forward to stuffing myself with food, especially sushi. I’m going to miss my cat though,” Caiseen said.