The Art of Care Packages

Emma Barr and Hannah Stenovec

Have you been neglecting to send that care package to your BFF in college? Or maybe you just want to send some baked goods that will withstand the turbulent trip across county or state lines? Are you nervous about trusting the Federal Government with your baked love? No need to worry! We’ve got you covered with simple steps for a foolproof expression of your most sincere sentiments to help your friendship go the distance.

Step one:  Fill your box. Choose some sugary treats or healthier options, if you don’t want to add to that freshman 15. Think about what you would want if you were away from home. Chances are, your college friend may have forgotten some small basics, like sunscreen or Band Aids. Try to tailor the package to your friend’s tastes; you can even throw in a little taste of Lamorinda with some Powell’s candy.

Step two: Do some research. With some creative Internet searching, you can probably find a bakery or restaurant near your friend’s college. They can deliver treats if you don’t have time to whip something up yourself. It’s just as thoughtful, and takes away some of the stress for all involved, but it might be more expensive.

Step three:  Proper packaging. Without proper care, your perfectly golden snickerdoodles may not make it in one piece. To ensure the goods arrive safely, you should wrap any baked goods in a layer of saran wrap followed by a layer of foil. The less air trapped within, the fresher the food will be. The most effective method is to separate a newspaper, crumple the pages, and stuff them around the goods in the box. If you fill the empty space of the box with newspaper, you can help ensure your goodies won’t get bumped around.

Step four: Shipping. Head over to your local post office or UPS store to mail your package. Mailing can be pricey, so the more airtight your package is, the less expedited shipping you’ll need. Make sure you have the right address, most students have a P.O. box for small mail like letters and another UPS address for bigger packages. Some schools alert students when they have a package waiting. But to ensure that the package doesn’t lie around in a college mailing room, suggest that your friend “check their mail” in a few days.