What to do When Your Siblings Come Home

Ellie Poling and Meghan Rogers, Staff Writers

1. Mentally prepare beforehand

The reintroduction of siblings in the household can interrupt the atmosphere at home. Think about how things will be with another body in the house and how things will change. Although having your sibling home is excited, don’t let them distract you from your school work.

2. Establish your territory.

Just because your sibling is coming home does not mean they have vetoing power over who gets to use the car! Try to make a compromise when it comes to driving or who gets the Ben and Jerry’s.

3. Keep track of borrowed items

Unless you want your favorite shirt “borrowed” make sure you remember what your siblings have taken from you! On the other hand, make sure whatever you’ve borrowed from your sibling, that you are finished “borrowing” it by the time they get home. They will be pleased to find all their things in order. Although there are varying degrees of trust amongst siblings, this does have great importance.

4. Make room for family time

Although it’s hard to adjust, make more room for some quality time with the fam when your siblings come home. As sad as it might be to turn down an outing with your friends, your family will appreciate the extra attention.

5. Be sure to let your sibling in on new habits and traditions

When siblings come back for the holidays they generally want to capture and keep the moments they remember being the most special. However, this can be hard when your family has formed new traditions while the sibling was absent. Make it a priority to bring your sibling to the new Christmas tree lot you go to or teach them your families new favorite holiday recipes.