What to do with Unwanted Presents

Courtney Attard, Staff Writer

   Grandma excitedly hands you her present. She is anxiously staring into your eyes as you untie the bow and tear apart the paper. Slowly but surely, you lift the lid of the box and reach your hand in, pulling out… a hot pink turtleneck sweater. That’s right. Grandma bought you a hot pink, fuzzy, turtleneck for Christmas. And that moment when time is frozen as you first lay eyes on the horrendous clothing item is the moment that determines Grandma’s happiness on this wonderful day. Then, time continues. You smile as big as you can holding up the sweater for everyone to see, and you immediately gasp and hug Grandma whilst saying, “Thank you sooooo much!”

   Now, Christmas is over. You’ve made Grandma happy and you’ve collected yet another ornament to hang in your closet for eternity. But this does not have to be the case. Believe it or not, there are many places where your hot pink, fuzzy turtleneck sweater would actually come in use. Let me tell you how.

   Rechic Boutique (101 Orinda Way) is a small boutique in Orinda that is also a consignment store. It sells new and used items from hair ties and jewelry boxes to clothes that are in good shape. Simply bring in your item, receive 40% of the profit, and make somebody else happy with a wonderful gift at a good price.

   If you want your donation to be more personal, why not share it with a friend? Your best friend just told you that they bought you a cute Valentine’s Day gift but you didn’t get them anything and are really busy the next week. Why not just wrap up the fuzzy turtleneck and give it to them? Maybe they’ll like it! And if not, you’ve provided them with a gift to give to someone else in time of need.

   But if that sweater is way too ugly for anyone to ever like it, why not get creative? If you’re making a poster for a school project, instead of buying fluff, you can just rip some off of your sweater! Or you can always save it for a time it would come in handy. Are you planning on tie-dying soon? Don’t put your nice clothes at risk, just wear the pink sweater. Or save it for a themed day at school.

   It is clear that there is a place in the world for even the most hopeless gifts. Don’t just ignore the bright, fuzzy problem in your closet; solve it with one of these options.