Disaster Strikes on Valentine’s Day

Bailey Smith, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many of us are thinking about our plans for that fabulous Friday night. Yet, while we’re anticipating the coming Valentine’s Day festivities, it’s hard not to remember those crazy Valentine’s Day experiences we’ve had in the past. There are those individuals who have fond memories of incredibly romantic dates. And then there’s the people who can’t help but laugh when they think of past date disasters or romantic mishaps.

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day doesn’t turn out the way we want it to, and that’s okay. The important thing is to be able to laugh about it, which many people do. And hey, for all those people who’ve had cringe-worthy dates, at least you have a funny story to tell.

“During the summer after 7th grade, I was at swim practice with my crush. Right before I went to dive in the pool, my crush walked over to me – my coach knew we liked each other and as my crush walked towards me, my coach started playing “Here Comes The Bride” over the loudspeakers. Everyone though my crush was going to ask me out… he didn’t. So awkward,” an anonymous freshman said.

We’ve all had uncomfortable encounters with someone we like, but sometimes we forget that if we put ourselves out there, we’ll get good results.

“Well my first date was an accident. I meant to text one of my friends to ask if she wanted to go to the movies, but I accidentally texted my crush instead! Before I had the chance to text him again and say, ‘sorry, wrong person,’ he responded. I was horrified. But I checked his response and he said yes. I was so surprised, and the date ended up going really well,” an anonymous senior said.

No matter how it went, we all remember our first dates. Then there are those dates where the unthinkable happens: neither of you has enough money to pay for the dinner.

“There was one time when this guy took me out for pizza. At the end of our dinner, he got his credit card out to pay the bill. Unfortunately, his credit card got declined. He had to ask me if I had any money but I didn’t have enough! We couldn’t come up with enough money between the two of us to pay the bill! He called his mom to ask if she could come drop off some money… and I guess the waitress took pity on us because she told us our dinner was free,” an anonymous junior said.

At the very least, a lesson can be learned from a date disaster. Always remember to bring back-up money if you’re planning to pay with a credit card. And if you make plans with a guy, don’t bring all your friends.

“Well in eighth grade, I had a date with the guy I liked to go to the movies. We were both really nervous, so we each brought our best friends with us. There was a big group of us there but we were the only couple. So that was awkward,” an anonymous senior said.

Luckily, by the time we reach high school, more of us start to feel more comfortable dating. Then the awkward stories start turning into more humorous stories, which is always an entertaining turn of events.

“One night my boyfriend and I decided to make dinner and watch movies together. We wanted to have a romantic night-in. It was a friday night so we were both really tired from a long week of school. We ended up falling asleep on the couch without making dinner or watching movies,” senior Maya Konstantino said.

And of course, there are those super romantic dates we’ve had that we always hold close to our hearts.

“The best date I ever went on was when David Ellman took me to Stinson for my birthday last year. We spent the whole day at the beach and he supreside me by asking me to junior prom with a message in a bottle. Apparently, his mom had driven it up that morning and put it in the sand for us. I was very impressed that he pulled that off without me finding out before, and it definitely made that date stick out in my mind as my favorite,” senior Grace Moran said.

Whatever you have planned for this Valentine’s Day, be it on a date with your significant other or a fun night out with your friends, be sure to make it count. We all love having those amazing nights that turn into even better stories to look back on.