Accessory Trends Throughout the Years

Ashley Logan


Silly Bandz

lululemonbagsAround 2010 these fun shaped rubber bands became popular for elementary and middle school age kids. These can be found in many stores including CVS and Safeway. Silly Bandz are sold in a set with a theme like animals or beach toys and each band has a different shape and color.

Hair Feathers

These fun hair accessories were a big hit for girls in 2010 and 2011. The feathers are attached to hair near the scalp by a clasp and tend to be a little shorter than the actual length of the hair. They can be thin or thick, bright or natural colored. You could put in your own feathers or get them put in somewhere like Zebra, Claires, or Pure Beauty.

Emi-Jay Hair Ties

Beginning last year, these hair ties have become a comfortable and cute alternative for regular hair bands. They come in many different colors and patterns that are not only cute in your hair but also on your wrist. Brightly colored ties are a fun addition to an outfit but the natural colors help to blend the tie in. Emi-Jay hair ties can be found at McCaulou’s and Nordstrom.

Lululemon Reusable Bags

Many students carry their lunches, extra clothing, and other items that don’t fit in their backpacks in Lululemon bags. These bags have different designs including various yoga poses and the original red bag with facts and quotes. Whenever you buy anything at Lululemon your items are put in these bags so you can reuse them instead of throwing out paper or plastic.

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

This year Rainbow Loom bracelets became very popular with elementary school kids. These can be made with a Rainbow Loom and many small colored rubber bands. The bracelets are made with the colors of your choice and there are many different ways to make them. To end the bracelet you tie a clasp at the end that attaches to the rubber band loop at the beginning.

Beaded DIY Wrap Bracelet

You may have seen these trendy bracelets on the wrists of classmates this year. These bracelets have various colors of beads threaded in between leather cord. They can be wrapped a couple of times around your wrist and they tie with a button at the end. You can make them on your own or buy them at some clothing stores like Nordstrom.


For the past couple of years rings have become a big trend. There are a variety of ways to wear rings. Some people prefer one simple silver design while others like to wear three or five on different fingers. Rings are a fun and cute accessory to wear with any outfit.  Some popular designs are bows, hearts, small jewels, and words sculpted from the ring.