Highlights from the Prom Asking Season

Sarah Rockwood, Staff Writer

Every year, the Junior Prom fever seizes the school, sending dress-crazy girls on frantic shopping sprees and the hunt for the perfect shoes.  Yet amidst the commotion of preparing for the perfect night, there is one special part of Prom (and Ball, of course)  that everyone looks forward to: the season of asking.

While it certainly isn’t necessary, many people prefer to attend Prom with a date by their side.  It’s an excellent opportunity to get to know someone better and make the night memorable.  Guys finally have a reason to go for that special girl they’ve had their eyes on all year, and even the girls can get caught up in the asking scramble.

Asking someone to Prom introduces an element of creativity to the whole experience: thinking of a clever way to ask that special someone is fun for the asker, flattering for the asked, and amusing for everyone else. New and unique ways of asking are devised every year and will almost always bring a smile to anyone who hears about it.

Here are some of the highlights from the 2014 Prom season:


Junior Sid Bagga asked sophomore Eleanor Roedor, his Track and Field teammate, with the one thing she loves most: Peet’s coffee.  Five sealed coffee cups lined the table as Roeder entered the coffee shop, each with a letter written on top with chocolate syrup, spelling out the big question.


Junior Davis Holmes asked up a grade, popping the question to his long-time friend, senior Anna Tucci, during their weekly Tangelo trip.  He hole-punched “Prom?” into a Tangelo card and handed it to her while everyone was enjoying their yogurt.


Adding a creative culinary twist, junior Ryan McDermott put his baking skills to the test when asking junior Kara Hom.  McDermott spelled out the question in homemade cookies, putting a clever and delicious twist on an exciting experience.



Not only are guys getting into the spirit of creatively presenting the question, but many girls are also having their share of the fun.  Junior Marie-Claire Schillinger asked a fellow swimmer, Michael Lutzker, by writing “Prom?” on the workout board which everyone saw during practice.



Not only did junior Sydney Mays decide to ask senior Chris Booze in one of the most creative ways, but she decided to do it with a bang.  Putting on a show for the cafeteria during lunch, Mays and her friends burst through the doors blaring “” and armored with signs, ambushing Booze with one of the cutest surprises of the year.