How to Pack for the Ultimate Spring Break Vacation

Meghan Rogers and Sommar Veverka

First Step and Basics of Traveling:

1. Check the weather for the week you are visiting – bookmark a weather page on your computer or on your smartphone weather app. This way you can easily check wherever you are what weather is stirrin’ up where you’re headed.

2.Know how long you will be there. This is basic, but oh so important. Seriously. Don’t pack for one day if you’re going for a month.

3. Know if you are checking in or carrying on bag (if you’re flying) – this is important for knowing how much you can pack. If you are bringing a carry on, you are limited to a smaller bag, so either pack light or pack tight!

4. Do not be that incompetent flyer who has no clue what they are doing. Don’t be scared to ask someone for help!


Tropic Like it’s Hot

– Tank tops, short sleeve shirt, and if you are feeling like a bro bring a few bro tanks… bro

–  Shorts (jean, khaki, colored, athletic) don’t be a fool with your pants on the ground

– One nice outfit – just in case you go out for dinner or want to exhibit your beauty to all

–  Sandals or flip flops, and 1 pair of closed toe shoes for any other outdoor excursions

– Nike shorts and T-shirts. Don’t be that goof who doesn’t bring athletic gear

– Sunscreen and a sunhat – protect yo’self from the rays

– Swimsuit – either one you can get your tan on in or channel your inner mermaid in



– Puffy Jackets might look like they’re only for skiing and snowboarding, but they’re great at keeping you warm in snowy and cold climates. It’s important to be stylin’ on and off the slopes

– Fluffy socks. Don’t be embarrassed. Embrace it. They’re warm as heck.


-JEANS BRING THEM – and for the ladies don’t forget leggings, they are an absolute must have

– don’t forget your hipster beanie! These will keep you warm and fashionable

-Bring gloves and other types of hand warmers. If you keep your hands warm, your body will stay warm for longer.

– Saucer sleds. Period. Some days you might not want to hit the slopes and instead take a leisurely slide down a homemade snow run.

– Bring skis or a snowboard depending on what kinda gnar you like to shred on. Remember goggles or a helmet unless you’re a rebel, in which case you are insane. Protect yo cranium.

Road Trip

– If you are going with the family, try not to get annoyed with them. If you are going with friends, try not to get annoyed with them

– Some kind of handheld video game console and several games. This will help with the long grind of driving, but you might get sick from looking down for a long period of time in the car.

– Books on tape! Consider getting a book for English that you have to read. This way, you’ll be able to get homework done as well as stay entertained

– Your pillow. This will help you cope with the uncomfortable car as well as make it easier to sleep and drown out the madness of the car ride.

– If your car has a TV, bring some movies. However this is kind of annoying because it strains your eyeballs and you can’t really appreciate anything on the small screen. But do what you gotta do to keep from going nutty.

-Don’t forget earphones!! They are a must have when you want to tune out from everyone in the car

-Bring your charger, because once your phone dies then….I am just so sorry