Fun and Free Activities to do with Friends



Tired of spending your babysitting money on frozen yogurt and movies? You and your friends can plan free activities that don’t take much effort but are a lot of fun.



Grab a couple of friends, a large blanket, and your favorite snacks and head over to a quiet grassy area. Moraga Commons, a local elementary school, and even your backyard are great places where you can relax and enjoy a break with your friends. Sandwiches and chips are easy to pack, along with cookies and bottled drinks.


Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of daring and free activities to do that are worth different points. For example, take a picture with someone wearing polka dots (two points) or ride in a shopping cart through Safeway (four points). Split up into teams and see how many points you can earn in a limited amount of time. Have fun afterwards laughing at the pictures and tallying up the points.


Make a Music Video

Download the app Video Star and dress up in crazy outfits and hairstyles with your friends to make a music video. You can select a song in iTunes and use different effects throughout the video. Gather random items around your house to use as props.


Go on a Walk

Step outside your house and enjoy a leisurely stroll with friends to relax and take your mind off of school. It’s good to take a quiet and peaceful break in nature. Remember to pack water, snacks, and a camera. Discover some great trails on page 10.


Game Night

Dust off your board games and get out a deck of cards to enjoy a night full of competition. Headbands, Monopoly, Sorry, CatchPhrase, and Twister are all entertaining, enjoyable games. A game night is a great way to let loose and enjoy some friendly competition.