Miramonte Students Take Coachella


Maya Sherne and Davis Walker

“We love you Coachella.” This phrase was said frequently this last weekend in Indio, California, by musicians, artists, vendors, and fans.  The Southern California Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival drew in about 75,000 people daily, and although those attending traveled from all over the world to experience the fantastic music and art displayed in the three-day event, a surprising number of Orinda locals, including Miramonte students, attended as well.
Despite the blistering heat, huge masses of people attended the festival Friday, April 18 to Sunday, April 20. As usual, the lineup was chalk full of a diverse group of musical acts, ranging from up and coming DJ’s such as Flume to huge names like Pharrell Williams and Arcade Fire.
“The best part of the festival was watching dope sets every hour all within a mile radius of each other,” senior Danny Moradi said.   Although there were too many artists to choose from, many Miramonte students chose to see artists not headlining.

Friday’s Reviews

Zedd – As always, the massively famous EDM headliner Zedd came into the Sahara tent to a completely packed crowd. He laid down several of his classics such as “Spectrum” and “Clarity,” and kept the audience singing along at all times.
Flume– The highlight of the first day was the Australian DJ by the name of Flume. Flume’s set was highly anticipated by the crowd at Coachella, and he didn’t disappoint. His tracks gave off a mellow vibe that kept the crowd dancing with enthusiasm. If you’re interested in Flume, check out these tracks: “Drop the Game,” “Holdin On,” “You & Me (Flume Remix).”

Saturday’s Reviews

Nas – The highly anticipated and timeless rapper, Nas, took the outdoor stage as one of the main acts of Saturday night, and his set didn’t disappoint. He kept the crowd rapping along as he plowed through his entire Illmatic album, but he didn’t stop there. He continued rapping and dropped some of his famous tracks like “Made You Look” and “Road to Zion,” which were crowd favorites.
Dillon Francis – Dillon Francis, the pioneer of the Moombahton genre, took the stage on Saturday evening and brought out his massive new stage setup, which he plans to use on his next tour. Despite the graphics not working properly, Dillon lit up the crowd and played several of his new tracks like his “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” remix. He even brought out Martin Garrix and previewed their newest collaboration.

Sunday’s Reviews

Disclosure – The highlight of the weekend, Disclosure had the amazing ability to keep a crowd of tens-of-thousands of people fully engaged. They kept it extremely groovy throughout the entire performance, allowing both avid fans and new listeners to embark on a fantastic journey through futuristic funk.
Flosstradomus – A contender for the best set of the weekend, trap DJs Flosstradomus hyped up the crowd as they celebrated Easter in the only way they knew how. Smoke billowed over the audience as the duo created massive mosh pits that got everyone dancing hard. They brought out their close friend Dillon Francis, who got the audience to kneel on the ground and spring up to his hit “Get Low.”
Mitis – Mitis is another highly underrated DJ that performed at the Do Lab on Sunday night. The Do Lab is an indescribable haven of inverted light-up cones and colorful artwork. The atmosphere and architecture created an illusion of an incredible, dream-like world filled with relaxing music, mellow dancing, and loads of fun.

Although there are always new concerns about spending time away from home, for the 20-plus Miramonte students who trecked down to the California desert for Coachella this last weekend, many had their first experience of total independence.
“I got my parents to let me go by an informative PowerPoint presentation,” senior Will Lake said.  Students had to figure out transportation to Indio on their own, had to set up camp, and simply survive in the desert.
“The best parts were the amazing artwork and stage designs from the second you enter the festival,” senior Paige Powell said. “There was so much to do and see.”