Prom vs. Ball


Lauren Branagh and Jessie Osterman, Staff Writer

The Dress

The dress makes or breaks the night here. Sorry boys, as much as your tux plays an iMPORTANT ROLE, the biggest factor is what gleaming gown each girl has on.

Prom is the perfect opportunity for a shopping spree for your first fancy dress. Yes some people have gone to formals and banquets before prom rolls around, but the factor of finally buying your prom dress makes the idea all the more exciting. The unwritten rule for prom dresses is that they are above the knee, short and classy. Although it isn’t always followed, the general theme behind Prom dresses are light and fun, and of course easy to dance in. Adding a pop of color here and there, different flares past the waste, and a little extra leg completes the outfit as a whole. Prom is a huge deal, and making sure you have the perfect dress is the icing on the cake. Short and fun is the best way to go for your first big night.

Ball is finally the night girls get to look like the princess that they have always wanted to be. The floor-length gown is the final touch to a fabulous four years of awaiting a fairy tale night. Yes the dress may be easier to move and dance in, but does all that really matter when a girl sweeps across the dance-floor in a gorgeous floor length gown that accents her in the perfect way. admiring all the floor-length dresses that you normally only see in a gossip girl episode creates a magical feel that encompasses the night as a whole. The cherry on the top that accompanies a ball gown is the excitement of knowing floor-length gowns come with the title of seniority, and you finally are able to wear that shimmering gown sitting atop your senior throne.

The Ask

Regardless of who you have to ask, or if you are the one who will be asked, dates are hugely important for any formal event. The most reliable way to know you’ll have a great time with your date is show off your creativity and unique sense of humor with a special and exciting form of popping the question.

For anyone asking another student to prom, it’s the first time you will do it, so you want to do it right. Hours of planning, and the eventual ask all help you score a date that’ll make your night one to remember. Some end up being a hit whereas others fall short of fantastic. Since prom may be the first time that you have ever asked anyone to a big event, it poses a problem for many. There are so many factors that go into the perfect ask and how can you perfect that when you are a rookie? Some may pull it off, and that makes for a fabulous kick start to your first Junior Prom, but those who have an awkward and unforeseen asking can put a damper to your first big night.  It’s nerve-racking nonetheless, but it helps prepare you for your next challenge: Senior Ball.

By the time you ask someone to Ball, you’re the veteran, you’ve done this before, and you know it has to be good. Past experience has taught you which strategies lead to the most impressive and creative ask and which can result in utter disappointment. It’s all about coming up with a unique and special idea that will score you a date to your final formal event in high school. Spend more time planning, get your friends in on it, and make it an extravagant spectacle that puts a spotlight on your hopeful date. After all, this is who you will look back at in 10 years to say, “hey, that date made my last dance a great end to my high school years.” Remember, You’re doing it for the memories so there may be added pressure to make this ask even better than the one before.

The Ride

Every night starts out with a ride to the party. Whether that is in the back of a bus, or in a posh limousine, memories are made and laughter is always had on the way to a celebration!

One of the main things every Junior Prom attendee dreads is the bus sign-ups. “Will I get on the bus with my friends?” “What if I don’t get on the same bus as my DATE?!” “What will happen if I forget to sign up for the busses?” OH THE HORROR. It can be stressful trying to figure out where and with whom you will end up on the busses with, but it is ultimately a great convenience for all students. It cuts down the cost of a limo or party bus, and ensures you get safely to and from Prom. So don’t get too down in the dumps about the busses, they are there for your best interest, make the trip fun by blasting some tunes or joking around with other dates sitting around you. It’s all about making the best of your situation so that your night is one you will always remember.

Although the bus ride is fun, because you get to sit with a bunch of people celebrating a victorious night of Junior Prom, a bus is no comparison to a stretch limousine, or a party bus filled with your best friends. Every movie or story plays out in a fancy ride adding extra hype to such a fabulous night, and no one wants to be accompanied to the best night of the year in a grimy yellow school bus. Riding to the party in a lit up posh limousine, playing the best music on the radio station, and creating memories with those you cherish most from high school far outweighs a character-building bus ride filled with the entire class. Another plus is that taking your own mode of transportation guarantees a ride with your extremely attractive date, which eliminates an entire world of worry.