The 2048 Epidemic Takes Over Lives

Ari Stein, Staff Writer

2048 has taken over our lives! Don’t worry, our future problems aren’t here yet, but the addictive app is.

The objective seems simple, yet winning 2048 is a laborious task. All you need to do is match number tiles by swiping to the top, bottom, left or right. When you match two numbers together they will merge into one tile that is the sum of the numbers. You keep going until you have two 1024 tiles that will then merge into 2048. If someone is feeling ambitious, they can keep going until they get the 4096 tile.

You see everyone else playing so you decide to join in on the fun. Before you know it, you’re hooked. You start dreaming of the four magic numbers, 2048. Once you get 2048, the new hype is 4096. “I couldn’t stop playing until I got 4096, and now I feel accomplished,” sophomore Francesca Calderon said.  As more and more people win the game, the obsession with trying to win yourself gets real.

You finish all of your homework early and are able to go to bed early, but you decide to open 2048. One round won’t kill you, right? Wrong. You lay in the bed for numerous hours playing and playing, hoping it will be your lucky night.

2048 is the new distraction in class. When students are on their phones now, they are most likely playing 2048. “I’ve seen my friends get addicted playing 2048,x and instead of doing things in class, they are distracted. I refuse to download the game and play,”  sophomore Olivia Guidotti said.

This infectious desire to win continues. The more you lose, the more you want to win.  Soon it will be more addictive than flappy bird was.

At first you don’t have 2048 downloaded onto your phone, but when you’re obsessed friend will not let you play, you give in and download the app. Now you’re hooked.

You can’t stop playing, all you want to do is win.  Don’t let 2048 take over your life. Be able to say no and stop.