What’s On a Teacher’s Desk?

What can you tell about a teacher based on what they keep on their desk? Mirador takes a look at Mary Anne Whitaker’s array of desk items that each have a special meaning


Molly Swain, Staff Writer

Sitting in math teacher Mary Anne Whitaker’s classroom, you might notice the row of 13 Beanie Baby dogs gazing lovingly at the rows of seats. Or the framed pictures of her adorable children, dogs, and granddaughter might catch your eye. Even the generous supply of pencils (22 to be exact) is noteworthy. According to Whitaker, math shouldn’t be the worst part of a student’s day. Using brightly colored pens, inspiring posters, and bold hanging shapes, Whitaker does what she can to communicate that, yes, math can be fun!! But what can all this tell you about Mrs. Whit and what it could be like to be a student in one of her five periods of math?

Motto: “Family, Fun, Math… and Cute Dogs”
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Song: “Who Let the Dogs Out?” by Baha Men
Favorite Color: whiteboard marker red
Q: What happened to the plant in Mrs. Whitaker’s math class?
A: It grew square roots.