Legend Of Korra: Season 3 Review

“The Legend of Korra” is the revival/sequel show to Nickelodeon cartoon “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. The show is based in a world where spirits and human co-exist, and magic is as common as war. The Avatar has the ability to unite political and spiritual forces and control all four types of bending: earth, fire, water and air. The Legend of Korra follows the adventures of Avatar Korra, a strong headed, fierce, independent teenager as she protects Republic City from danger. There is a lot of debate dealing with whether The Legend Of Korra is as good as Avatar. The original show had a perfect combination of plot, character, heart and comedy as well as tackling adult topics that other kids shows wouldn’t touch. However, Korra is lacking in character development and comedy that Avatar excelled in. Not to mention Aang, the main protagonist of the first series was lovable, while Korra took a long time to get used to. She seemed to make more mistakes and not learn from them. But everything changed this season.

Season 3 picked up where we left off, the Spirit World is now open and human and spirits are now co-existing. Because of this, people are developing the power to airbend, a bending that has been long gone and is only possessed by Avatar Korra, her mentor and Avatar Aang’s son, Tenzin, and his three children. Because of this, Korra, Tenzin and the rest of Team Avatar go off to find the new airbenders around the world and try to rebuild the long lost Air Nation. This season also introduced new villain Zaheer and the Red Lotus, a group of radicals who want the world to have no more government, kings and queens, and wants everyone to be equal. Zaheer, the leader of the Red Lotus, gains the power to Airbend and breaks out himself and his three friends, all master benders. P’Li has the ability to combustion bend, which is essentially the ability to shoot beams of fire out of your head. There is also the lava-bender Ghazan and the armless water bender Ming-Hua, and together they try to kill Korra, her friends and bring down the Earth Kingdom.


This season is the season the Avatar fans have been wanting from Korra since the beginning. It was action packed, funny, heartfelt and more. It was important to add more character development to the Bending Brothers, Mako and Bolin. The entire season they built up Bolin to be a metalbender, a skill that I feel is being over used, especially with the introduction of Suyin and the Metal Clan. But it makes sense that he became a lava-bender, seeing how he has a firebending parent. Also the addition of a villain who instead wanted world dominance, or to destroy everything he turns out to be a political villain. My favorite is where they introduced the metal city of Zoufu, and Suyin Bei Fong, daughter of Toph from the first series and half-sister to Lin. Her character is supposed to be the exact opposite of Lin. Where Lin is a hardass, Suyin is a free spirit and caring. And the metalbending fight between her and Lin was my number one favorite fight of the season, and maybe the series. But the thing I like the most about this season was Korra’s character development. When she started, she was a hot headed girl from the Southern Water Tribe who’s main purpose was being the Avatar. She was taught her entire life that she was the most important person in the entire world. Then at the beginning of the first season, you the Equalist, who hate the benders. While yes, Korra stopped Zaheer in the end, but did she really do anything? The Earth Queen is dead, Ba Sing Sei is in ruins and anarchy and they burned down an entire Air Temple, not to mention the Red Lotus are still active. Then she was administered the poison and saw all her past enemies saying how the world no longer needs the Avatar. After the battle with Zaheer, she’s left in a wheelchair (paralyzed, maybe?) and is broken, both mentally and physically. Then, she comes to the realization that she is utterly useless when the Air Nomads decide to take care of the world while she recovers. The last scene of her crying hit home for me, it was a dark and melancholy ending to a dark and melancholy season. And I can’t wait for season 4.