Best Birthday Months


Libby Dunne, Staff Writer

January: January is an especially good birthday month if you like winter activities such as skiing or sledding. Students born in the early days of the month or over the holiday weekend still get a chance to spend their birthday away from school. They are excited to see their friends again when they return to school.

February: February is the month of love, so people are especially nice and loving during this month. This is good for a birthday, because you will probably get more baked treats than any other month of the year.

March: March is the first month of spring so the weather begins to improve and the flowers begin to grow. This is a good birthday month because everything is so pretty.

April: April is a good month to have a birthday, because you are not really old or really young for your grade. Despite rainy weather, students can always spend the day inside hanging with their friends.

May: May can be a stressful time for students, with AP tests and finals coming fast. Students take a break to spend their birthday with friends in the beautiful weather.

June: School ends in June, and students are excited to get in the summer spirit after finishing finals. June is possibly the best month to have a birthday, because even though summer has begun, many people are still in town to celebrate with.

July: July is the only month with no school, so students are carefree and don’t have to do any school work on the night of their birthday. This summer month is always warm, and the perfect time for a mid-summer pool birthday party to celebrate.

August: August has the best mixture of a little school, and a lot of summer. In this month, students can spend their birthday either enjoying their last days of summer, or reconnecting with friends in the first week of school.

September: In September, students are just settling in the the rhythm of school and homework, which makes school much more fun and enjoyable. During this month, students can enjoy school without it getting too hard.

October: October can be a hard month to have a birthday, because you are either really old or really young for your grade. However, students can still celebrate their birthday planning Halloween costumes and celebrating the holiday.

November: Students get a chance to spend time with friends and family over Thanksgiving break in November. Most people leave for break and go to a fun vacation spot, so students with a birthday in November can spend it with friends and family.

December: December is the conclusion to the holiday season, so people are still happy, creating the perfect setting for a magical birthday.