The Finest Season of All- Fall

Charlotte Houston, Reilly Moran

Imagine sitting by the fire on a cold November night, drinking hot chocolate, with the sound of rain in the background. Pumpkin bread is in the oven and you are wearing your coziest sweater. Red and orange trees dot the skyline and glowing pumpkins decorate every doorstep. The fall epidemic has hit America, and it will not be cured until December. Everything from the seasonal food to the good vibes you get during the months of October and November makes fall the best season, despite popular belief that summer is better.

One of the many great things about fall is just outside your door. Everywhere you turn, there is a range of striking colors:  leaves turning red, yellow, and orange, making the trees cast a fiery glow everywhere. Even the leaves that littered your manicured lawn beg you to jump in the piles, or at least step on them for a satisfying crunch. The wet weather is an even bigger plus of fall. Especially after a California summer, everyone is tired of the heat. Along with the colder temperatures, the hopeful drumming of rain on your window causes a calming sound that lulls you to stop doing your homework, climb into bed, and fall asleep immediately. Even the smell of rain is comforting. Within a couple hour drive, snow also becomes achievable in late fall, opening up fun trips for students.

Another reason why fall is the superior season is the food. No other season has such a distinct flavor associated with it. After Oct. 1, the shelves of every store and coffee shop are lined with pumpkin-flavored everything, and it is the best thing ever. From pumpkin bread to pumpkin pasta to pumpkin pop tarts, it is impossible to go wrong. Drinks such as hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes, and hot tea are finally perfect for warming you up during the cold days. Looking for something pumpkin flavored during any other time of the year? You are out of luck, because it is only available during the glorious season of fall.

Fall fashion is the only reason to pull through the other unworthy seasons. Sweater weather is finally heating up (or cooling down), and it is impossible not to be cozy in leggings and a flannel. It is not so cold and dreary that you have to completely bundle up, like winter, and it allows for the cutest outfits all year. With shoe choices from boots to flip flops, fall is truly the only season that you can wear both. You can also finally warm yourself up with a self -grown pair of leggings during No Shave November.

Fall sports, such as football, bring the school together on Friday nights in a way that no other event does. Rain or shine, there is something great about huddling up on the cold metal bleachers with a cup of noodles in one hand and a  cup of cornstarch in the other, cheering on your home team.

Holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving also add a little extra sweetness to our already perfect fall season.

Overall, fall just makes the world glow a little brighter.helps people smile a little bit more everyday.