Mirador’s Guide to Chill Winter Style

Sofia Ruiz, Staff Writer

Winter is always an odd subject in California. We are often times stuck between hoping for rainy days and dreaming of snow. And when we come back from winter break, only to realize we don’t remember anything from the semester, we’ll need warm, cozy clothing to carry us through studying and finals. Get ready for the cold with our winter essentials:

A sweater to feel cozy even in the cold death of winter.You’ll also be able to hide all those empty Starbucks cups in the folds of wool, and trick yourself into thinking you are staying awake because of all that caffeine in your system.

Gloves are a necessary addition to any outfit so no one can see the disastrous unmanicured nails on your fingers. Even worse, you’ve left them alone since Halloween, and the orange and black nail polish is still chipping away.

A sturdy pair of boots to step on teachers’ hopes and dreams that you pay attention in class. They also protect you from splashing cold muddy water all over your jeans when you step in a puddle by mistake. They’re not only fashionable but also comfortable, which is a plus.

A flannel to wear when chopping wood  which will be used to burn all your graded tests at the end of the semester. You will blend in with every single person who attends Miramonte, because who doesn’t love a flannel?

Scarves, whether normal or infinity, can help spice up any boring outfit. Scarves can also function as a blanket or pillow to help comfort you during the classes where your teachers insist on keeping the air conditioning going during winter. You can’t go wrong with a good scarf.

A pair of socks to keep your toes from freezing off. They will also give you a sense of comfort while enduring the oversized rain boots you have been waiting forever to wear. Many socks, especially fuzzy, are a winter staple.