The Perfect Application

Rebecca Gluck, Staff Writer

College applications are undoubtedly stressful and time-consuming. It’s very difficult to express yourself and who you are to colleges in a short essay, yet the essay is one of the most important parts of the application process. In going along with with the giving spirit of the holidays, The Mirador has provided an example essay for seniors still struggling to write their own.     

    Prompt: Discuss an important accomplishment that made you who you are today.

    Response: I’ve accomplished a lot in my 17 years, 12 days, 288 hours, and 17,280 minutes. It was clear as early as my birth that I would be a great asset to this world. At the age of three I backpacked through a secret mountain range in the Bahamas. This route led me to a remote archipelago where I saw suffering like I had never seen before. The inhabitants, all grey-tailed squirrels, had such desperate and sad looks in their eyes. I realized all of the acorns had rolled down the hill into the water where the squirrels couldn’t get them. I promptly organized a charity, the Foundation for Small Rodents with Runaway Food (FSRRF). The charity is currently raising a record high of $19.99 per year and has helped over 19.99 squirrels in the region. This is clearly a great accomplishment, as I’ve helped creatures from very diverse regions and have immensely bettered their lives.

    This, however, is not my greatest accomplishment. I’ve been competeting with my town’s local curling team for four weeks. Although it doesn’t snow where I live, I managed to transport 50 tons of snow from Juneau, Alaska. I then proceeded to start my own zamboni company to keep the ice in pristine condition. My team, which includes myself, my neighbor, and a few of the cashiers at a local supermarket, made it to the national championship, but we were sadly disqualified when a cashier attempted to bribe the commissioner of curling with extra tips he had made. Nonetheless, I catapulted this team to the greatest success and displayed my leadership skills and drive.

    Other accomplishments include my egg surviving the egg drop experiment, in physics always winning in games of duck duck goose, and leading a blind skunk across the highway to safety. I anticipate yellow lights when driving and I frequently answer Dora’s questions before she does. I can peel the price tag off of purchases in one piece, without leaving any sticky residue. It’s evident that I’m a well-rounded, caring, and accomplished person I know I’m ready to go to college and continue my legacy.