Snowglobe Rocked Winter Break

Snowglobe Rocked Winter Break

Layne Estes, Staff Writer

Annually, South Lake Tahoe is host to a three-day end-of-year celebration talked about by people all over the country for months ahead of time. Snowglobe Music Festival, featuring more than 20 artists (Flume, Disclosure, Trippy Turtle, Skrillex, Zedd, Odesza, etc.) sold every single ticket (approximately 15,000) and was an extreme hit. A few Miramonte students witnessed this opportunity of a lifetime.

“The Snowglobe experience was incredible. Everyone was so happy and lively which made the atmosphere incredible. I would no doubt go again, because it was so memorable,” junior Madison Stevens said. “I almost can still feel the cold air as I danced in the huge crowd.”

The Snowglobe Music Festival was held on the Lake Tahoe Community College campus, from Dec. 29-31. The attendees have the option to purchase single-day tickets and three-day tickets, with or without shuttle transportation from the neighboring hotels.

“People should definitely go to Snowglobe because it’s such a great experience and there are so many people there to meet. People from all over come to Snowglobe, and that’s really cool because it makes the New Years holiday really fun,” sophomore Kallie Deakins said.

The Snowglobe Music Festival 2015 lineup has yet to be announced. However, the festival will be held in the same location as the previous years.