Trivia Cracked


Charlotte Houston, Staff Writer

What temperature does water freeze in Fahrenheit? In what Super Bowl were brothers coaching against each other? How did Mahatma Gandhi die? All of these are questions featured on the new popular app, Trivia Crack. You can connect with your Facebook friends and play against them in 6 different categories- history, art, geography, entertainment, science, and sports.

The game works by spinning a virtual wheel and answering based on what category you land on. The difficulty of the game varies; sometimes the questions are mind-numbingly easy, and other times they’re so specific you just have to guess. The questions are composed by fellow players, and anybody can submit one to be rated and then put into the game.

So why is this app so addicting?

“My favorite part is all the cute little characters!” sophomore Loryn Nieto said. It seems as though the combination of meaningless knowledge and friendly competition is a recipe for success. There are many different reasons to play, whether it’s because you’re procrastinating for finals, or because you want to prove to your mom that you’re actually smart by beating her.

Despite being a distraction during class and homework, maybe Trivia Crack isn’t all bad. You can employ the use of things you’ve learned during class and learn new things. It’s also a good way to get better at the multiple choice format that high school students are faced with on a daily basis.

“Trivia Crack has given me a lot of inflated confidence for guessing on tests,” sophomore Megan Miller said. By using process of elimination and making an educated guess based on prior knowledge you’ll find, due to instant feedback, that a lot of the time you’ve guessed right.

Maybe the developers of this popular app have stumbled upon something they didn’t even realize. What if there was a way for classes or teachers to make a set of questions based on the material, and have the kids study for tests in the Trivia Crack format? A marriage of the easily customizable Quizlet format and the addictiveness of Trivia Crack would make students a lot more willing to study. It would take some of the pressure off of preparing for tests by putting it in a competitive, game-like atmosphere.

Apps come and go all the time, but it seems like Trivia Crack has a little more promise.