Mock Finals Guide


Margaret Ross, News Editor

As a survivor of three and a half years at Miramonte, I have endured my fair share of final exams. The tedious week of testing can push you to the brink of insanity if you do not take precautions and prepare yourself. Luckily, I am here to offer my expertise for the anxious underclassmen.

The first and most important rule of studying for finals is to ensure that every one of your acquaintances is aware of how much effort you are putting into studying. Common tactics including posting snapchat stories of textbooks and energy drinks, tweeting about your plans if you fail out of high school and incessantly complaining to friends about your lack of energy.

To aid to your image of exhaustion, break out the comfiest sweats and Uggs. Dress as lazily as you feel, and do not be caught dead without a Starbucks cup of something strongly caffeinated in hand. Go all out with unbrushed hair, the oldest sweatshirts, and, for extreme studiers, a blanket to catch up on some ZZZs after the test.

Aside from the image of studying, actually studying is your last priority. Flip through your notes from the forgotten lessons of Autumn or read the Sparknotes for a novel you never read, but don’t trouble yourself with long nights of textbooks and flashcards. It might be worth your time to make a detailed, organized, color-coordinated outline of what and how you will study for each subject but there’s no need to actually use it.