Best Winter Foods and Drinks

Best Winter Foods and Drinks

Jack Kovalik, Columns and Reviews Editor

Quick and Easy Snacks for Winter

This winter, it is easy to buy pre-packaged granola bars as snacks. However, it is much better to create your own snacks and drinks. Making simple snacks is easy and anyone can do it. Here are some of the best snack options this season.



The ultimate breakfast, oatmeal is both convenient and healthy. For the lazy ones out there, instant oatmeal is just a microwave away. Oatmeal is perfect for lazy mornings or even lazy afternoons.


Hot Chocolate

A classic and simple winter staple, hot chocolate is good for every occasion this winter. It will get you through a cold day while leaving a great taste in your mouth. Hot chocolate is also very simple to make. However, if you wanted a more authentic hot chocolate, try heating up the milk over the stove.


Grilled Cheese

Although this cheesy snack could go with any season, it is especially delicious in the winter. The melted cheese adds warmth to the stomach. Every mom has their own way of making a grilled cheese, but it is also important to try new types of grilled cheeses. Try adding some turkey to make it a melt. Also, letting a slice of cheese sizzle on the pan for a while until it is crispy is a must.


Apple Cider

Another warm winter drink, apple cider embodies the best parts about winter. The drink will warm you up while you are curled up on the couch watching television. The microwave is always a quick way to heat up refrigerated apple cider.


Peanut Butter Graham Crackers

A small sandwich consisting only of two graham crackers and some peanut butter is sure to get you through the day. This quick snack will give you a quick energy boost and is not too unhealthy (if eaten in moderation). These tasty snacks are perfect to pack in a school lunch and never get old.