Top Three Super Bowl Commercials

Top Three Super Bowl Commercials

Brigid Berndt, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is known for its funny ads. Companies bring their A-game to fill the 30 second ad slot that costs them $4.5 million. The 2015 Super Bowl had a large variety of advertisement angles. Mirador staff writer Brigid Berndt ranks the top three.


1.The “Invisible” Girl, Nationwide


After years of being ignored, actor Mindy Kaling believes she is invisible. Following her sudden realization she pursues all benefits of being invisible. This includes: Taking other people’s food, being naked in public, going to the store and eating a lot of ice cream, and going through a car wash. When she goes up to Matt Damon she finds out that she is not invisible. Shocked that he can see her she asks him if he wants to kiss her “just to make sure.” He denies her offer, she walks out saying: “I didn’t want to kiss you either Matt Damon, so….”


  1. Kim Kardashian’s Tragic Story, T-mobile


In T-Mobile’s add, tragedy has fallen upon celebrity Kim Kardashian West. She informs us that many phone companies take back our unused data at the end of the month. She says: “Data you paid for that can be used to see my make up, my backhand, my outfits, my vacation and my outfits.”


  1. The Plane Middle Seat, Doritos


A man on the plane is trying to avoid people sitting in the middle seat of the row he is in. He does many things to try to turn them away. He blows his nose while coughing loudly, he plays the recorder, clips his toenails, says that he has Chronic IBS and he flosses his teeth. Then he sees a pretty girl in the isle and stops his routine. He pulls out a bag of Doritos. When the person in front of her moves out of the way he sees that she has a baby strapped to her chest. His spirits die a little. When the girl is asleep he shares his Doritos with the baby and asks him if the baby will tell his mom about him.