Reddit vs. LiveLeak


Grayson Judge , Staff Writer

So you’re a second semester senior sitting in class, bored as hell; how do you pass the time and keep from falling asleep? Online news sources Reddit and LiveLeak can provide relief from the stress and boredom of class.


But which is better? Both definitely have their pros and cons. Reddit is much more diverse, with hundreds of subreddits that cover topics from shower thoughts to food to nature porn. Reddit is more popular and more user dominated, since users can up vote the pictures, videos, or topics they like the most. LiveLeak on the other hand, is much more video oriented and less user dominated, as the site’s hosts feature the videos and stories they deem to be the most relevant.


Go to Reddit if: you are looking for weird stuff that makes you confused and happy and question your existence.

Go to LiveLeak if: you want to see news uncorrupted by giant media news outlets. And weird stuff too.